How long does it take to make a website? This is a question you may have thought many times. The answer is” It depends”.
There are many factors that affect the progress of a Website. The first thing it depends on is the type of website you want to create .There are different types of websites such as web journal, event commemoration site, information website etc…The second thing it depend on is the tool used to create website. Some tools required for this to have some understanding of HTML or create one page at a time and figure out the linking strategy yourself. One more thing that should be taken into account is the server allocated to the website.
Dependence of website progress on the type of website created.

A Quick note website

Quick Note is a valuable online tool that you can install within Google Chrome and use to create quick notes for any purpose. Also Quick notes makes app ideal for business colleagues working on the same project. Quick Note program being a Web-based app, there is no need of installing any software on local machines. You can also run the app in offline mode. Creating a Quick note website is simpler than an email attachment. It takes a time of about 10-40 minutes.

Single event report

A single event website is a website which contain logical groupings such as sub-events, groups of people etc…I contain pictures of birthday party, wedding, reunion, reception etc. The most important factor affecting the amount of time is the number of photographs you use and the depth to which you make the narration. It takes about 1-4 hours to create a single event website.

Multi-day event

This is a website with several pictures on each page and a descriptive paragraph. With this type of website it is important to consider the time it costs. Writing a narration, choosing the pictures, getting links to corporate websites, checking names and affiliations etc can substantially add the time for website creation.

Web log or journal

Logs or Journals are websites to which new entries are constantly added.  A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects .It takes 2 minutes per entry for simple note or link to 1-3+ hours for large entries.

Organizational Information Site

This is a web site for an organization like a chorus, church group, budding nonprofit, amateur sports team, or group of friends.  It initially runs 3 to 10 pages, with pages such as “About Us”, “How to contact us”, “Pictures of our members”, “Our upcoming fundraiser”, etc. If you use a canned design and already have the pictures, this type of site is easy to create.

Business sites

Small Business website mean website for small business or micro business. It can be run by an individual or partners that are starting small, many of which are using bootstrapping method to growth their business. With a website small businesses can also more easily advertise their business or product/service on the internet much more easily. It takes much more time to create a business website.
Common overhead factors affecting the website


Using of canned design reduces the designing time to about 10-20 minutes.If you are not using a canned design, it takes several hours to design a website.

Preparing pictures

It takes time to choose a picture, determine the order, and perhaps makes minor adjustments with the photo editor.More time is needed for selecting the apt picture from a number of pictures.

Checking the names, facts and relevant information

The time required for checking the facts, spelling of names, linking to related websites etc requires several minutes to hours.
In developing a website it takes about 30% of the time is required to include the layout design, setting up the host server and the domain name,adding features and content, and technical testing of the site.The remaining time is required for communication ; the amount of time it takes for the designer and client to exchange details of the website such as text, photos, media etc.

Communication time also includes standard approval processes such as layout approval, text proofreading, testing links and functions, login in procedures, plus a whole lot more.

It is possible for a project to be completed within days if:

1)All communication turn around time is immediate.
2)The client provides all the content.
3)The interactive features and tools function properly
4)The design should be completed within a short period of time.
5)The site is approved to go-live.


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