Appointment Reminder System

We all are living in a busy world. What will happen if we forget some urgent meetings or appointments? Here is a new technology that helps us to remind important meetings or appointments. This system is called appointment reminder system. This technology does not require software programs to install. As a matter of fact Appointment reminder system can be used as a product or service depending on the needs of customers.

The appointment reminder system is now used in hospitals that are used for reminding the patients about the appointments. Moreover For this you must have a computer and an internet connection. In fact The front end of Appointment Reminder System is PERL (Practical Extraction & Report Language). ARS uses Asterisk, which is an open source framework for maintaining communication application for carriers, call centers, small and large business as well as government worldwide.

We can use the appointment reminder system to inform about the important meetings or appointments. The appointments will be informed to us via phone calls or text messages. The report of ARS consist of customer’s name, call time and duration and status. This system is very efficient and reliable. Now Automated Appointment Reminder System is widely used. Also This can be used to communicate with you in the way that you prefer.

getbusyNow let us see the benefits of Appointment Reminder System
  • Reduces lost appointments by an average of half-hour, thereby increasing your practice or business revenue.
  • Risk-Free – If you\’re not fully satisfied with the service at any time, you pay just for your usage, with no cancellation fee. However we\’re confident you will need to remain with us.
  • Integrated text, email, phone and mobile app messaging – The very latest way to reach as several patients or clients as possible.
  • There’s no computer instrumentation to shop for and no sophisticated software to master.
  • Customize and install the automatic appointment reminder systems for you. Installs in about 30-60 minutes. You may be up and running within 24 hours.
  • Option to make a call to your office, enabling you to handle patient problems once they occur.
  • Advanced call progress and background signal suppression means messages are delivered at the correct moment, at the correct volume, and with crystal clear sound.
  • Integrates together with your scheduling system – there\’s no need to learn new software system.
  • Calls are given along with your business’s caller ID number – your clients can see and acknowledge your calls.
  • Acts like an additional worker that’s dedicated to reminding patients or clients, instead of using staff for this repetitive task.
  • Customizable – permits you to decide on that patients or customers to call, which messages to use, at your preferred call date and time.
  • Get appointment confirmations or schedule requests from your patients or customers once they are called.
  • Personal – Your patients or customers can hear your customized message in your voice.
  • The monthly subscription fee will be low.
  • The system operate and monitor 24/7, therefore there’s no need for you to worry regarding or maintain complicated software or instrumentation.
  • The subscription fee relies on your usage thus even the smallest offices will benefit.

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