E-Commerce  Revolution

E-commerce industry is one of the quickest growing business nowadays and about to experience a significant boom and growth by 2016. This is because, both business owners and customers who have vibrantly used the internet platform and made on-line shopping a successful venture. Lots of consumers and sellers interact today through thousands of E-commerce Stores worldwide. And negotiate thousands of deals on a daily basis.

E-Commerce Industry on a Roll:

The estimated size of the E-commerce industry in India is around 18,000 Crore, that is predicted to cross the mark of 50,000 crore by 2016. the large scope and opportunities in E-commerce industry have inspired the large business houses in India i.e. Tata, Future group, Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla etc., to make a move in this trade. it will be an interesting business and marketing war between these large business houses. And the already established E-commerce industry names i.e. Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal etc.how e-commerce become a part of revolution

About to create massive jobs:

As per recent analysis, E-commerce Sector to create around 1, 50,000 jobs in coming 2-3 years in India. The large business houses are recently attracting senior management level staff through tempting proposals and salary hikes. The salary increment being offered is claimed to be going beyond 60 minutes to 70th in a few cases. All these endeavors recommend that E-commerce industry going to boom vastly in coming 2-3 years. Staff are also getting benefitted with the putting offers i.e.staff stocks and cash in a roughly 50:50 ratio.

Tremendous scope for large and small E-retailers:

E-retailers from every class and size i.e. small and large are bound to get profit out of this E-commerce industry rise. With the increasing number of online customers and buyers every year. The requirement of online stores is being felt immensely worldwide. Hence, if you’re going to launch your own online Store for a long time; this is the right time to launch it. Even the established e-stores, fascinated by annual growth of their ventures every year, are already creating strategies to profit the coming business boom. However, in order to stand apart among the group, every online business entity big or small, need quality products and services along with effective online presence, dynamic user interface and user centric web design and approach.

The Scope of E-Commerce store development:

Upcoming E-commerce industry boom can bring significant amount of projects for quality E-commerce Store Development firms worldwide. As at one end small e-retailers are aiming to hire skilled E-commerce Store Development Company for creating their online Stores. On the other hand the established E-stores are looking to re-design their E-commerce portals in view of future competition; they’ll be facing from the big shots of the corporate world.how e-commerce become a part of revolution12

E-commerce has its own potential and challenges – particularly in a country like India. But, as more and more players and investors, not to indicate government bodies, begin to take this business seriously; online shopping can transform from an emerging trend into a habit. Certainly, e-Commerce is here to stay. Hence, be a part of expansion and growth of E-commerce business and design/redesign your E-commerce store to capitalize on the online shopping revolution worldwide.


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