Product Descriptions

Compelling, informative, and distinctive product descriptions will facilitate your e-commerce business increase sales. Also, original product descriptions will facilitate avoid Google’s so-called “Farmer algorithm” penalty, which may affect retailers that copy product descriptions from competitors, or that use the precise descriptions recommended by suppliers.

Even professional copywriters make it sometimes: Writing product descriptions that simply describe your products. Let’s have a look at some simple ways to influence your web visitors with product descriptions that sell. Before you write a unique and persuasive product description, you have to understand something regarding the product that you’re describing. This might sound obvious, but it’s necessary.

Know Your Productcomputer repair

The best product descriptions address your ideal client directly and personally. You ask and answer queries as if you’re having a conversation with them. You select the words your ideal client uses. Consider how you’d speak to your ideal client if you were selling your product in store, face-to-face. Currently try and incorporate that language into your website so you’ll have the same conversation online that resonates more deeply.

Create a List of Features and Benefits

Potential customers don’t need to know what your product is or does. they need to know what’s in it for them. Before you begin writing, list all of your features and specs, and then translate them into advantages. A feature is a truth regarding your product, while a benefit is an evidence of what that feature does for your reader. A benefit is phrased as a positive or as a problem that’s avoided or reduced.

Optimize your Copy for Search Engines

When you write for your client persona and use the phrases he uses, you’re automatically optimizing your product descriptions for search engines, because these are the phrases he searches for on Google. Thinking too much regarding search engines kills your seductive powers because nobody enjoys reading content that’s sagging below keyword sludge.

Adjectives are tricky words. Typically they don’t add meaning to your sentences, and you are better off deleting them. But, sensory adjectives are power words because they make your reader experience your copy while reading.

Tempt with Social ProofBlue eye with colorful make-up

When your web visitors are unsure regarding which product to purchase, they search for suggestions what to buy. They’re typically swayed to buy a product with the highest number of positive reviews. But there are different ways to sneak social proof into your product descriptions.

Once you’ve listed out each selling point feature that’s distinctive to or impressive about your product, you can remodel it into a benefit with ease by adding a “so…” and then finishing the statement with something more personal.

Writing distinctive and effective product descriptions might facilitate an ecommerce business attracts more shoppers, convert more of those shoppers into paying customers, and build more brand loyalty so that those customers return. As daunting as the task of writing distinctive product descriptions may seem, it can be done. As recommended above consider adding five well written descriptions daily.


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