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One of the most priced assets of a website is its content. It takes a lot of time and efforts not only to conceive it but also to defend it from robbers. Unfortunately, content theft is a way too widespread and there’s barely a location that hasn’t been affected. You may have many articles to be looked after; this process takes a lot of time and in perform makes sense to only for important items.

Now let us see some of the methods that help to protect your content when you meet theft.

Unless you’re new to Google SEO, the answer to the current inquiry is prominent. As we state, “Content Is King”. You need original content in order to grade well in Google SEO and this is why you select items, images, videos, etc. to publish on your website. Although, it’s very easy to copy paste content and this is why content theft is so can you protect the contents of your website

If it weren’t awful sufficient that you feed somebody else’s website for free of charge; the replicate content punishment adds insult to injury. Google is endeavoring actually hard to deal with duplicates but its method too widespread to check stolen items grade above your original. This is why it’s so necessary to safeguard your content in any method you can.

Many articles, images, videos, etc are available in the public domain for free usage even they’re allowed to use commercially. Therefore to avoid confusion your content isn’t in the public domain, make sure to place a Copyright notice in the footer of your website, or even better – underneath the copyrighted piece of content itself.

It also makes sense to add personal barriers to theft. for example, you’ll add watermarks for pictures and videos – these aren’t 100% secure but they’ll halt some of the robbers because with your watermark it’ll be inapt to use the things in another place.

For items, you’ll need to disable text assortment. This will make it more durable to exact replicate content exactly and will stop numerous robbers. Because currently making a replicate your content involves more efforts. Unfortunately, there are different ways to exact replicate your content, so if somebody really needs your content, handicapped copying won’t stop them but it’s more than can you protect the contents of your website12

Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a very useful device when it involves content protection. And building your on-line status. Essentially, the concept is simple – you go in your on-line stuff and assertion authorship regarding it.

The only topic is that you should use your real name – this is a tough, if you write under a pen name, or ghost writer, or just don’t desire to disclose your authorship because of privacy issues. If your website has multiple writers; you can use Google Authorship but each of them should claim his or her things separately.

One time your content is entered in Google Authorship, Google understands it’s you who conceived it; so even if it gets made a duplicate somewhere additional; you won’t get the duplicate content punishment.


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