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We know that Social Medias play an important role in most of the business. But do you know how to promote your conference with Social Media. You can use Social Media effectively for making a direct connection with the attendees of a conference. You can also monitor how they are engaging with the conference.

Now let us see how you can promote your conference using Social Media:

  • Maintain a blog

    : A blog will contain text, images, videos and sound clips. You can post news and updates regarding your conference, reminders to register and interviews with your guest speakers. This is a good place to post the essential details of your conference, as well. Times and dates, a link to your registration page and contact details could be published in your blog sidebar or in a sticky post.

  • Use event directories

    : Event and conference directories build it simple for people to find local events to attend. They also offer a good summary of all the essential details needed for attendees.How can you promote your conference with social media

  • Build a community

    : Using social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can build a community of clients and fans by engaging them in discussions and sharing great content. Commenting on forums and blogs and taking part in Facebook or LinkedIn teams will assist you to grow your network.

  • Promote engagement and sharing

    : Most social networks provide badges or buttons that you can add to your web site or blog. These will show that you are active on-line and facilitate potential attendees understand where to find you. When sharing information and updates regarding your event, encourage your audience to share these with friends in order to reach more clients.

  • Start early

    : Social media marketing depends on word-of-mouth spread of information and, with only a few exceptions, these methods take time to kick in. Don’t hurry, at least a month should pass between you begin selling tickets and the actual event, this can permit people to speak regarding it, spread the data and attract new visitors.

  • Focus on content

    : No one needs to read tweets and Facebook posts that appear self-serving, even from a conference. Instead, makeHow can you promote your conference with social media11 certain to provide them a resource they’ll use. The content is important, because not only will people be more apt to read it, they’ll be more probably to share it, generating interest in your event.

  • Help attendees connect online and off

    : Social media is a good way to induce attendees to engage with each other inside and outside the meeting. By setting up your hashtag, providing attendees with information, and asking queries, you can encourage attendees to engage both with you and with one another. Attendees can use social media to plan outside activities during the conference, where they’ll connect in real world.

  • Help the attendees to tag themselves

    : one of the main benefits of social media is that it helps attendees interact with each other and your conference, while permitting you to spread the word regarding your event.


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