Optimize a Website

We can optimize a website for many things rather than search engine ranking. It’s very silly to focus on SEO and overlook things like engagement, conversions, and bounce rate because search engines favor websites that are valuable to users. Do you know what a bounce rate is? It is a measure of the effectiveness of a web site in encouraging visitors to continue with their visit.

Now let us see the ways to reduce the bounce rate and to encourage longer visits on your web page.
  • Provide a fresh content:

    if your older posts are still appearing in the search engine the visitors may click at the post, have a look at the date and then bolt. The visitors may never try to check your latest posts. You can refresh How can you optimize your website to decrease the bounce ratethe contents of your older posts and make them current, if your older posts are getting traffic.

  • Simplify the wall of text:

    If you have a lot of matters on your wall, then your wall of text will scare any visitor off. In order to simplify the wall of text you can use diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations etc. This will help the visitors to get a clear idea about the contents of the posts that you have posted.

  • Market to the right people:

    Rather than attempting to hack into a competitor’s database of loyal customers to achieve a targeted audience, work on building your own crowd of brand lovers. Identify who your best customers are. Realize the common characteristics that make those customers have chosen your brand to earn their loyalty. Stop trying to market to everyone, or make everybody happy. Also, make sure to qualify new traffic.

  • Be different:

    You must be different compared to other competitors. Instead of attempting to copy different competitors and most relevant sites, show visitors something that have not seen before.

  • Be professional:

    One of the greatest telltale signs of a company’s credibility is that the quality of their web site. Most people are going to be cautious regarding investing their hard-earned dollars on a product or service offered by someone who clearly cuts corners and this may be seen by an unprofessional web site. From sloppy design to generic templates with minimal customization, unprofessional web design is the biggest turn off and cause for a high bounce rate.SEO training on Website Optimization

  • Don’t be boring:

    The second biggest turn off about a web site is being boring. Web users have less patience than usual, and no tolerance for dry textbook fluff or lifeless web page. Conversions will also increase the moment you become unforgettable.

  • Don’t disappoint:

    Marketing to the right crowd, standing out with a professional web site that’s not identical to any competitors, and capturing attention is an effort that you must be willing to keep up systematically. Also, don’t make any guarantees or claims that you aren’t capable of keeping. That’s pretty disappointing too. Be real and set the standards where you’ll consistently exceed client expectations instead of letting them down.


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