Social Bookmarking

If you see a webpage interesting, you may save the address of the webpage as a bookmark instead of remembering the address. Social Bookmarking is same as bookmarking in that you are saving to a website that you can access from any system in the world. Social Bookmarking consists of a social part which allows others to look at your bookmarks. This implies that you can browse and search the content that others have already decided is worth viewing.

Mass bookmarking is no longer effective because the huge number of links back to your own website seems like spam to the search engines. And therefore you need to be selective where you bookmark your site. Basically social bookmarking is where somebody adds your website to a social bookmarking website like StumbleUpon or Digg. Since there’s a social aspect to these bookmarking sites others get to see what kinds of sites are bookmarked.How can you increase your traffic through Social Bookmarking11

For example, if a specific website has received plenty of bookmarks then it’ll get greater visibility on that particular bookmarking site and therefore probably gets even more attention from people visiting the website. It is human nature to require finding out for yourself what appears to be popular to others. So social bookmarking may be a way to share with others what kind of websites you prefer. And for others to go and check it out for themselves.

If you have a website then it’s a very good idea to have some icons on your websites where people will click and automatically book mark your specific page. There are free WordPress plugins that enable you to do this.

There are also plugins that you can buy that enable you to automatically bookmark any page on your website to a whole load of bookmarking sites. But I would not suggest using these as Google’s guideline recommends only employing a few of these sites to achieve visibility to your own website.

Social Bookmarking

Most social bookmarking sites usually work like this: A user submits a web page containing a news article, a video, unique content or something interesting or unbelievable. The user community votes on these web pages. The pages with the more votes rise to the top on the web sites, gaining more visibility while the sites with the least votes stay buried.How can you increase your traffic through Social Bookmarking
Traffic generation is largely dependent upon the content you post on social bookmarking sites. An appealing title and quality content can assist you drive traffic to your web site. And also, you need to keep in mind that, the key to achieve success is to be social. The more bookmarks and links you submit, the more traffic you’ll acquire to your website.

It is also a good idea to search out different websites that are related to your niche and to bookmark a number of those websites. So that your specific profile contains not just your own website wills other experts in your niche. If you use icons for the bookmarking sites, then it is possible for you to increase the visibility of your webpage on that specific bookmarking site.


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