Fix 404 Error

Have you seen 404 error displayed on the page while you are trying to access webpage? This is a not found error message which indicates that you are able to communicate with the given server, but currently the server could not find the page that you request for. The 404 error message will be generated when you try to follow a broken or dead link. Hence this is most recognizable error message that you find on a web.

In internet explorer, the message the webpage cannot be found typically indicates an http 404 Internal Server Error however a 400 bad Request error is another chance. You’ll be able to check to see which error that is referring to by checking for either 404 or 400 within the title bar. Sometimes a “404-not found” is a sign of broken link that may harm your website.<!–more–> If a visitor follows a link to your website and found the 404 error message, then the visitor may leave your page and may not come back. Therefore this error can greatly affect your site ranking.

Let us see the ways in which these errors will affect the site ranking.
  • Incoming broken links:

    Just imagine your web sites have a link from a very important website and this link can finish into page that doesn’t exist. As a result of the link is broken, the link doesn’t facilitate your web site ranking in Google.

  • Outgoing broken links:

    If your web site has broken links, a search-engine like Google may penalize your site’s ranking. Because the GoogleBot can’t follow the links. This sounds crazy and there’ll nothing happen if your web site gets solely a view 404 error reports. However if your web site contains a lot of them the GoogleBot may assume that these parts of your sits are abandoned and less valuable. So it’s necessary to keep the number of broken link low!

404-error-page-southparkHow to detect the incoming and outgoing broken links?

Your WordPress website already has a built in function to provide 404 error reports. If any of your users enter an invalid URL then a 404 error will be displayed. For determining these errors you can use a redirection plugin. This plugin can be used to redirect the invalid plugin. Also it possible to detect broken links and there is no need to edit the .htaccess for these redirects.

If your WordPress web site provides a comment function, it’s a normal scenario to get some outgoing broken links after a short while. A comment poster may enter a wrong URL or some web site address that becomes invalid after a short while. In each case you must check your web site for these broken links. The solution for this problem is the Broken Link Checker plugin. This is used to find all the broken links in the posts, comments, pages, and the other contents. It is an easy interface that helps you to fix these errors and it sends a message if there is a broken link in your website. The Google Webmaster Tool also can provide the 404 error.


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