Manage a Design Project

We know that different websites have different designs. It is the design manager who creates the design for a website. The theme of the website should represent the contents of that particular website. All businesses, organizations and individuals design their website in different ways that suits their products. Design management is actually a type of business. The design managers have to speak on business language and design language.

Design Management

Now we can look what a design management is? It is a branch of business that uses design strategy, project management, and supply chain techniques. These are used to support a culture of creativity, control of creative process, and build an organization and structure for design. The main objective of design management is to maintain and develop a business environment and to achieve their mission goals through design.

Managing design and artistic projects needs a clear methodology. For complicated tasks the project manager should be watchful and careful. This is not to say you wish to be ‘hands-on’ and constantly interfering – completely not – artistic people ought to be given freedom to use their talents otherwise you may still raise an accountant to do the task, however, you as project manager – or the client – have to be compelled to yield and anticipate everything that may arise. The key to this is establishing clear positive open communications at the outset, so maintaining full mutual understanding at all times, regardless of how much freedom is delegated.

system_designFor every design projects, there are two major stages. Now let us have a look on this.
  • Concept: creating the overarching idea/theme for a commercial, campaign, or artistic piece. Within the concept stage you’ll opt for the rough copy, general layout and message and “look and feel” of the piece.
  • Execution: operating through the main points that bring the concept to life. During this stage you’ll finalize the images, colors, layout, fonts, copy, paper, headline etc.

You can also improve your design process by focusing on the right elements at the right time. That is, you have to look at the concept and create an artistic design for the executional elements rather than the concept itself. You have to design a suitable logos and colors for your website that suits to your product or service. A design manager should be aware of such factors while designing a website.

Another factor you must consider while creating a design is that the designs must be different for different products or services. For example, the designs for product, brand, corporate brand, product brand, service, business, etc. are different. Furthermore All these require a different method of creative designs that attract the visitors.



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