How can I protect myself while online?

The internet offers you many opportunities and provides us lots of information. A regular internet user must know certain precautions while online. We will give you certain suggestions to keep your personal information and money more secure when you go online.
When sending confidential information over the internet such as usernames, password or credit card numbers send it securely. To verify this look for a small lock symbol in the bottom right corner of your browser or next to the address bar. If visible, this lock should be in locked position and not unlocked.

Secured WebPage
You should also make sure that the URL begins with ‘https’.If the webpage is not secured, don’t use protected sites such as online banking website. Before entering personal information check whether the website has privacy policy page. If it’s missing, then that site can be treated as unworthy site.Websites should not pass confidential data over email because email is not encrypted and if intercepted it can be read by a third party. One more thing to remember is that you should not respond to spam messages. Even though the web address in the email may look legitimate, frauders can mask the true destination. Rather than simply clicking on the link, type the web address in your browser. While using websites that store confidential data, such as online bank sites use of different passwords is recommended.
For remembering your passwords you can use password manager. Changing of password at least once a year is also a safe method.While downloading a program or file from an unknown source, you risk downloading malicious software programs on your computer. Think twice before you click on the pop-up advertisement or download “free games” or “gadgets”. While using an “always on” network connection, make sure to install and maintain a firewall. Firewall software prevents your computer from hacking and remote attacks.
Internet Safety

While using websites such as online banking it is safe to do it from your own computer. If you do it on another computer, make sure that you have deleted all your ‘Temporary internet Files’ and clear all of your “History” after you log off your account. Closing or minimizing of account does not prevent others from accessing your user information. Instead click on the log out button to terminate your online session.And one more thing to remember is that don’t allow your browser to remember your password or username
When on a wireless network realize that all information being sent to and from your computer can be intercepted and read by someone nearby. Prevent this from happening by only logging into a secure network using WEP or WPA. If this is a home wireless network, make sure it is secure.

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