SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial player in marketing the products online. Search engine optimization provides efficient web marketing by increasing the web traffic to internet sites. There are different ways to optimize our web page and bring them on top of the search results or major search engines.

Some ways for search engine optimization service are given below:

I) Content Marketing:
Content Marketing Cycle


  • a)      The web content should be worthy and should contain the material which the web site is intended to provide.  It should be relevant and provide fruitful information to the user searching for topics.
  • b)      The overall appearance of the website and the web content should be appealing. A well written and displayed content attracts search engine than a website with scattered data.
  • c)       The way information is provided in the website plays an important role in search engine optimization. It should be ordered and structural. We can use different ways to provide information in structural way like bulleting and numbering. We may use other graphical ways too for organizing the information in the web site for SEO.
  • d)      We can provide e-books for specific topics or the links for e-book can be provided. A good guide provided in the website increase the chance of search engine to sort out our web page.
  • e)      Providing information in graphical formats also increases chance of search engine to pull our web page initially. We can use charts and visual contents also to provide information which helps in search engine optimization.
II) Updating:

Updating the content of web page constantly increases the chance of listing the site on top in search engine index. The relevant and updated information must be available in web page for search engine optimization.

III) Using Metadata:

Most of the websites provide space between the head and close of the web site encoding for metadata. This provides information about what the website is for and what is the content of web site. Usage of well constructed metadata helps in search engine optimization. This can be done in following ways:

a)      Title Metadata:
Title metadata is the one that is displayed on the top of the browser about our web site. This is very important in SEO. A well constructed title metadata brings the website on the top of search engine index.
b)      Description Metadata:
Just after title metadata, the description metadata is also important in search engine indexing. Relevant metadata provided about the content of the web site also helps the search engine to find our web site quickly.
C) Keyword Metadata:
Meta elements representing keywords is a major part in search engine optimization. We need to construct metadata which easily points the keyword that can be used to search in the search engine.

IV) Descriptive links:

We need to provide useful links and web references to the user accessing our websites.  Instead of providing the links the just typing ‘Click Here’, we need to provide a descriptive site link. ‘For more information Click Here’ is not a good way. Clicking will be a better usage than the previous ‘Click Here’.

V) Keyword Research:
Keyword Research


The vital part in SEO is using creative keywords and using it intelligently in the website. The keyword should come at the beginning of web content and also should repeat all throughout the site in a good manner. Over use of keywords create a negative impact as search engine will ignore it considering as junks. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of the user who is searching for information in a search engine and what the user would probably type. Single keywords are no longer a good way for SEO as it will not create much impact in search engine results due to abundance usage. Instead, we can try key words with 2 to 4 words in a phrase. Again, over use will not help in search engine optimization but we have to use it many times in the content in a well mannered sentence structure.

VI) Competitive Analysis:

For finding out a perfect keyword and for arranging our website in a different way, we need to analyze the way our competitors presented their websites.  A good analysis of different competent websites gives us idea of finding a perfect key word and presentation of the website.

VII) Sitemaps:

Providing sitemaps in our website also helps in search engine optimization. The search engine will find it easy to list a website with site maps enabled.

VIII) Usability:

The website should be user friendly. Most search engine ranks a website’s ability to access different pages of the website simultaneously rather than from the home page. This helps in search engine optimization. Because the information keyword typed by the user may not be listed in the home page but could be in some other pages of the website. So good ranking of the multitude of a website’s pages helps in SEO. Additionally, the website navigation should be smooth and friendly. A website with navigator to all information in every page increases the preference of search engines.

IX) Social Media Marketing:

The web traffic to a site can be increased substantially by social media marketing. We have to locate people with large number of followers in social sites and should try to contact them and circulate the pages through them. It will be very easy to increase web traffic to our sites with these kind of users.

Social Network Marketing

We have to select the useful social media according to our website and also the target users who are intended to use our website. Spreading information to the target users by social media increases SEO in a good way.

X) Constructing URL:

An important aspect in search engine optimization is link building. Our website should contain useful links to other sites which should be trustworthy. We can use different ways for link building such as guest blogging, contests, and finding broken links in other websites. If we find a broken link in other website which is related to our site, we can inform the site’s owner about the broken link and request to replace the broken link with our website link.

Above mentioned are some of the ways for search engine optimization. You may search the internet clicking the links Google, Bing or Yahoo which are the most popular search engine about more ways for effective search engine optimization.

Increase sales by Search Engine Optimization

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