For any business, a well designed logo is very important for the ultimate success. With proper integration of well chosen characters, it builds up your corporate identity. By conveying the correct message, a logo is the most important part of branding. A logo is the first thing your customers see about your business.A logo should be the perfect integration of business and art. Logo may be Typographic, Symbolic or combination of both.

The perfect selection of either of these can produce high impact on your business identity. Depending on your product or service, you can create your business logo.

Typographic Logos

A typographic logo is comprised solely of letters, numerals or similar font-based characters. By giving necessary formatting to these characters with graphical interface, these logos vary in size, color and interface. Mostly, a Typographic logo is used to advertise the brand name of an organization. But, to use this kind of logo, your company name should be short as well as meaningful. If you are trying to create a memorable brand name, then this logo is useful.

Symbolic Logos

Normally, symbols are used when you have to translate a complex idea into a simple form. By mixing necessary graphic images, we can directly translate your business ideas into simpler way. Same as the previous case symbolic logos suit to particular type of businesses only. In case of companies with long or complex names, it is very hard to create typographic logo. This type logo designing requires larger marketing investment and a little more effort when compared to typographic logos.

Combining Typographic and Symbolic

The main task of logo is to convey your brand idea in simple way. When combining typographic and symbolic logos, you can include both brand name as well as some symbols. This type of integration results in more unique design as it is a combination of both. This type of logo design is ideal for new businesses.


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