How Can I Become a Web Hosting Reseller?

I was just looking back to my old classrooms and a most frequently asked question by my teachers- “Who do you want to become in future?” The answers were almost similar and repeated like “doctor”, “engineer”, “teacher” and so many. But at that time I never used to hear an answer like a “Web Hosting Reseller” or like “I want to begin a website development company”.

But, this is a question frequently searched by many job seekers or freelancers- “Should I become a Web Hosting Reseller” or “How can I become a Web Hosting Reseller” etc. If you are having a question within, I can tell you one thing- Yes, you can! Of course, this is a growing trend and you can surely be successful. But before making a final decision, you have to be very clear about certain things. Web India Solutions can suggest certain tips regarding this.First of all, what is Reseller Hosting? Since you are a person who wishes to become a web hosting reseller, you might know the answer.

Anyway, if you want to get a form of definition, I will define it as a form of web hosting in which you have the right to use the allotted space or bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. That is, you can buy some space from a larger web host like HostGator and sell this space for your own redistribution. You can own that space, divide it and let your clients host their websites.In reseller hosting, you will be getting a blank portion of the host’s servers. But, you can resell this space without the involvement of this larger host and you are the only person to get the rewards. In this post, we will see some tips on the things you will need to focus to become a successful web hosting reseller.

Learn The Basics:

Whatever be the business, you have to study the basics very well. So, grab the basic knowledge of web hosting technology. General computer knowledge, software basics, even knowing CMS (Content Management System) etc will do great. A little awareness of Linux, Windows and common coding languages like PHP, jQuery, Apache, Ajax, etc. will help you a lot. If you don’t have basic knowledge about a product, you can hardly sell atleast one of them. At first, you will find the world quite unfamiliar and strange; but invest your time and learn well.

Invest Your Time and Energy:

Running a web hosting service is not an easy task. You have to keep the server run smoothly to make your customers stay forever with your business. If you are ready to face the hard time you sit staring at your monitor and resolving all technical issues, then this is really an interesting job to build a good career. You will find managing a hosting business really fun and enjoyable. Give priority to resolve any issues of the day than anything else. If you are a person who can’t imagine a full day in front of computer, then you can continue your job search for any other business you enjoy.


As in any other business, you should have some amount of money to invest in web hosting business also. The reseller plans may not cost much. But, you may not find good returns for the first few months. Initially, you can start with a small purchase that fits your pocket. It is always better to start with small investment and grows gradually than to start with huge amount.


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