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A High converting website is a demand of every business domain currently. We’ve seen the striking impact of dynamic and converting websites on a purchaser that has helped several industries to advance their business with minimum efforts. examples of such industries are: Finance & Insurance, E-commerce, Social Media, Real estate, Tour & Travels, Transportation & Education  etc. all these industries have tremendously developed their business through their dynamic and converting websites.

Now, let’s see the features that create a website most appealing and high converting in terms of increased profit and sales. There are 3 basic aspects that require a major care in designing and Development of a High converting web site i.e. Content Specification, web designing components, website a high converting website can improve your sales

Components of Website designing: website design includes a structuring of a web site and its elements as per the site map. Now let us see some of the key elements of website designing:

  • Selection of font size and style

    – Make sure the font size and style is readable to viewers and not gets invisible among the background colors. You can use the popular trend i.e. Black on white, or if you would like to make your text more attractive, you can use other relevant color combinations.

  • Responsive Website Design

    – A Responsive website design permits web site to appear perfect on any device i.e. Mobile, tablet, Laptop or Desktop. However, it has been observed in recent surveys that maximum responsive design websites take very long in loading. Hence, confirm your website design and Development Partner has got the expertise in making Responsive designs with minimum loading time.

  • Positioning your company’s brand logo

    : You can place your company’s brand logo in such a way that it gets the maximum visibility, because brand promotion is your main target.

  • Image selection

    : You have to choose an image that compliments to your website content. Do not use the images that have copyright issues.

  • Perform Regular Checks

    : You have to test and check regularly to see that all navigational buttons and links of your website are properly functioning.

Content Considerations: Content is an important component of every website and hence it need more importance. Now let us see some of the key elements that you have to consider while writing contents for your website.

  • Appealing and Accurate Content:

    The contents that you have written on your website should be relevant and correct. That is, it should not have any grammatical errors or irrelevant phrases.

  • Articles and Blogs:

    Articles and Blogs can enhance the ranking of your website in Google Search Results. So you have to enrich your website with relevant Articles and Blogs.

  • Content presentation on website:

    You have to present the content in an artistic manner using relevant graphics and pictures.

  • Highlight testimonials:

    You can place an attractive testimonial on your website. This helps you visitors to have a good impression about your website.

Website Promotion: Another important aspect about website is its promotion. There will not be any use if there is a website with less traffichow a high converting website can improve your sales12.

  • SEO Campaigning:

    This is one way of obtaining more traffic to your website and helps to promote your website in various platforms.

  • Google Algorithm Updates:

    Google frequently announce various updates for refreshing its Search Engine Index. This is used to down rank websites with duplicate or poor content, contents with grammatical errors, insecure websites, the websites involved in spamming or providing broken links etc.

In order to survey in these marketing competition, you need to be always infront of your competitors, and creating a dynamic and converting website is one such step.


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