Graphic Designer Portfolio

You need a graphic designer in two situations- to design your new website or to redesign your existing website. You need to search for the best website developer or graphic designer in Kerala. They should also be affordable to you. As I always say, the first thing that you need to analyze is the designer’s portfolio. So, what are the things to be noticed while checking the graphic designer’s portfolio?The portfolio is said to be the face of the designer’s talent.

Graphic Designer

It is the showcase of what the designer has done yet. A graphic designer without portfolio doesn’t keep pace with the changing environment. So, it is always better to go with a designer with impressive portfolio.Don’t check the number of projects he has completed; instead see how many types of projects the designer has completed. If he has done a project related to your work, then it will be easier for him to complete your design. Moreover, he may be already aware of the competition in your particular industry that helps to get more targeted audiences.

It is equally important to check the clients’ feedback about the designer. You can surely distinguish a fake or fabricated feedback.Normally it takes 15 to 20 days to complete a web design project. Check how many days the designer takes to complete a project; also check whether he can give your project completed within a short span of time. Click on the links provided by the designer in the portfolio to see whether he has always delivered quality works. Click on the navigation links in the websites to see the quality of websites.

Quality of Website

Above all, the website of designer should be compared with other works he has done. If the quality of website stands above the other works of the designer, then there is a chance that the designer has got the website developed by someone else.


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