Google’s Project Glass

The latest endeavor of Google was announced on April 4th, 2012- Project Glass. It allows users to text messages, video chatting and view information, all with the aid of just a glass. I’d love to call this new release as a coolest or crazy release from Google.After the rumor series, Google’s “augmented reality” glass was revealed in a post on Google Plus. It is bearing the same concepts and prototype designs. The specialty of these glasses is that we can see the real world and virtual web world together.

While engaged in your daily activities, you can also enjoy your friends’ text messages.The visual display provides contextual information and also allows you do anything from texting and geo-social check-ins to turn-by directions, all without the aid of a single finger. Google team have opened this Project Glass before public to let them say what they expect from this augmented reality specs. According to the video released by Google, we can see that these glasses allow us to respond to notifications in with own voice. People actually will really like this glass if they never mind their ‘looks’!!

Google Glasses

Since these glasses are having a funny look, Google is advertising it with pretty models and cool looking men. I feel these glasses like something we wear in laboratories or workshop. Anyway, youngsters always welcome new trends and they actually don’t care these prototype design and appearance. All these physical barriers will be broken if we see the incredible functionalities of these glasses.

So, actually the look doesn’t matter. In the midst of these rumors and gossips, let’s wait and see to welcome the Project Glasses. Also They are expecting to launch the Google’s Project Glass by the end of 2012.


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