With the powerful launch of Google+, the personalized web has begun. The way in which information is structured and accessed will be more turned on persons. Their personal profile will be a group of data collected on the basis of their searches and shares. Till now, you will search some topic or article in the search box of Google. This is popularly said as outward facing. But, after Google Plus, search is becoming more inward. When you visit a website, the ads will reflect brands or topics that you have demonstrated a past interest is through what you have searched and shared.








Personalized Web


With this change in the informational structure and emphasis, how does a brand that stands for several things at once pass through the individual filter of the personalized web? So, brands that really don’t care to define what they stand for, or those who fail to connect with prospects more personally has a good chance of getting obsolete and invisible. Brands must accept the fact that they are no longer the destination; prospects are. So, self definition is the critical tool for your brand, products or services reach the target customers.

Since there is a high competition in potential customers’ attention these days, you might understand the importance of this. Also, there is such a competition among the platforms and strategies used to command it. So, brand should be ready to discover their new landscape to reach prospects through self definition, core values and purpose.

With the advent of Google+ and personalized web, “the customers are in charge of the conversation”. Brands, with the help of their advertising partners, must take this as a challenge to define themselves with consistency and authenticity. Otherwise, it will be like someone making a drawing in water. So, let me know how your brand is going along with personalized web.


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