Latest Local Search Algorithm

Have you heard about Google Pigeon update? It is the latest local search algorithm in Google. Google has released this brand new algorithm to produce a more helpful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to older internet search ranking signals. The changes are visible among the Google Maps search results and Google internet search results. This algorithm was launched on 24 July 2014.

Google says that the new algorithm ties deeper into their internet search capabilities and the many ranking signals they use in internet search together with search features like knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and a lot of. Also this algorithm improves their location and distance ranking parameters. The aim of this algorithm is to provide a different and relevant search experience for the users seeking for local search.

Many businesses have faced losses from this new technology. This is because of the following factors.
  • Pigeon is not equal to the improved SERPs: In SERP if the traffic is down the quality of traffic will be high. But the Pigeon will not affect the quality on the traffic even when the traffic is down. This will negatively affect the business websites.
  • There is a strong domain matter: For a business site to improve their ranking, they have to attach their brands to strong domain. With pigeon it is seen that there is a decrease in performance for locations. In order to get a good links for a business website, it is essential to have strong domain with a branded website. But the Pigeon will not aid this.
  • Location: Usually Google will provide a preference for the businesses that are closer to the city. This is because proximity affects the search results. But the Pigeon update does not affect any such matters.
  • Pigeon will over-optimize your website: Optimizing the contents of your website is a common practice for all search engines. With Pigeon update the over-optimization dial has significantly turned up.

spy-pigeonSo you must make sure that you have attached your local listings to strong domains. If your business site shows a drop in the performance, check whether if your site is over optimized. But this algorithm is not a harm to all the sites. Some of the sites get benefits from Pigeon update. Let us have a look on this:

  • Hospitality: Has 28 percent growth in Google Search Result.
  • Food: Has 19 percent growth in Google Search Result.
  • Education: Has 13 percent growth in Google Search Result.
Some sites have got a small increase in the ranking. The following are the sites that got a small rise in search results.
  • Shop: 4.32 percent increase
  • Law: 3.55 increase
  • Spa: 4.64 increase
  • Medical: 1.83 percent
  • Fitness:1..12 percent
  • Transportation: 1.31 percent
Now let us have a look at the sites that have got a decrease in ranking.
  • Real estate: 63 percent decline in search result
  • Jobs: 68 percent decline in search result
  • Insurance: 11 percent decline in search result
  • Movies: 36 percent decline in search result
Some queries faced negligible losses. Let us see them.
  • Government: 0.07 percent decline
  • Furniture: 3.34 percent decline
  • Finance: 6.21 percent decline

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