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Good Logo Designing: Many logo designers have developed poorly designed logos in the beginning of their career. The most important characteristics of a professionally designed logo are mentioned in this post. A good logo should be:


The most important thing you should take care in logo designing is that it should be original, unique and memorable.

Conveying the right message: 

No logo can be a success without conveying the right message and you might lose customers if they don’t understand anything by looking at your logo. Adding cliché or art style images can make your logo disappear in clutter.


Some designers believe that making complicated logo designs with lots of details or words. But, remember that most memorable designs are always simple and easy to follow by people.


Your logo should be free from excessive bevels, shadows or textures.

Sharp Spacing:

Excessive spacing between letters or lack of space can ruin your design.

Perfect Fonts:

It is always good to use fresh fonts that are different from default fonts used by anyone else. But, using crazy fonts may ruin the professionalism in logo design.

Right font size:

Light fonts may be good at your system monitors, but they will not work well in printed media. So, select a font size that suits well with all visual media. Also, there should be not more than 2 fonts in your logo.

Audience-oriented design:

It is not wise to design a logo that will make your portfolio look great. It should be strictly your client’s audience oriented.

Not too abstract:

Try to convey what exactly your logo means to the customer. Even if your message is so tough to understand and elaborate, convey what exactly the client wants to get from you.

Combination of colors:

Try to understand the real taste of the targeted audience and give the most appropriate color combination to the logo. For example, if it is a company that is youth oriented, then you may use red- black combination.

You can take all the above points as my personal suggestion and these are not tips. If you are a beginner in the logo design industry, you will find some of my suggestion as useful tips.To get more information on logo designing, please visit our website.


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