Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps is the first front-end framework created for developing fully responsive web applications. This is developed to help individuals and companies to build well design user friendly future web apps.  The framework is built around Angular JS and the Flexbox grid framework. These frameworks enable quick and simple responsive web application creation facilitating developers to suddenly and easily start writing code that is unique to the proposed application.

Foundation for Apps was introduced in the year 2014. The complete potentials of the framework with its positioning capabilities and clean code are yet to be completely discovered and there is a major scope of the framework which is not utilised at all. As already mentioned the Foundation for Apps uses the Angular JS and the Flexbox frameworks. Also the Flexbox is used to carve screens into vertical sections. There is thus no need to rely on the unreliable fixed-position headers. Developers can also create the independent scrolling sections that can be inline on desktop computers and off canvas mobile devices. The framework enables easier sources ordering, ie, order the same “divs” on every device (desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices) in entirely different order with simple ordering classes. The developers are given the power of Angular JS to be made accessible to the users.

As a matter of fact the most important feature is the user friendly nature of the Foundation for Apps. There are a huge range of web applications that can be customised using Foundation for Apps.