Facebook Marketing Strategies: A good percentage of surfers across the globe, and also in India are social media savvy ones. We are all familiar with Facebook, especially. Businesses see social media as a marketing tool apart from social relationships. They use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. for the purpose of socializing their business. If you are a professional doing Facebook marketing, or if you are about to start promoting your business through Facebook, this article may help you.

Just remember the below points while planning to do Facebook marketing:
  • Facebook marketing should be aimed at building long lasting customer relationships. It is not the idea of one-time shopping.
  • It is all about relationships.
  • Not based on direct sales.
  • Targeted marketing is possible like location, age, education, language etc. so that you can have more focused business.
  • Long term investment on Facebook produces considerable results.
  • You can monitor the performance of advertisements through clicks, clicks through rate, actions, action rates etc.
  • Effective posting should be made inorder to impress the customers making them to stay with you forever.
  • Separate landing page need to be maintained in case of Facebook advertisements.
  • Building a Facebook fan page is equally important. This encourages users to visit your page again and again.

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