Search Engine Result

Google recently has made a major change to its search engine result by lengthening the characters of titles and description. And this new update was firstly announced by Ross Hudgens on Twitter. And later this has been reported on by Jennifer Slegg.

Search Engine Results

The changes that has made for title tags is that it have been increased to 70-71 characters from 50- 60 characters. And for Meta description it have been increased by 100 characters per line. And extended from two or three lines.

Jennifer Slegg reviews that Google is still shortening the Meta description to two lines for many of the search results. So it may still see them coming around the 160 characters. When three lined description is displayed; they seen at 278 characters per line.

It is very important to note that, this update may be a test which could reverse by Google at any time. By the company’s own admission, it will always be an A/B testing. So it’s not a better idea to judge your SEO efforts to these changes until Google announced for a permanent change.


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