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We know that SEO links can affect the website ranking in good and bad way. A good SEO link will help to improve the search engine ranking whereas a bad SEO link will destroy the website ranking. Practices that are unethical, outdated or are outside the boundaries of Google webmaster guidelines are regarded as bad, thus the term ‘bad SEO’. While SEO is about optimizing your web site for search engines, bad SEO may generate the opposite results.

Do you know what an incoming link or back link is? Incoming links or ‘back links’ are a basic aspect of Google’s technique for determining web site rankings. At a base level, Google considers the number of links that prompt users towards a web site, and the quality of the websites that those links are coming from. As long as you’re not breaking any of the other SEO rules, then a web site with several incoming links may usually rank higher than competing websites with fewer links.Effect of Bad SEO links on your website rankings

Now let us see some of the bad SEO techniques that affect the search engine rankings.

  • Duplicate content:

    You must make sure that the contents are unique and original. Therefore you must not publish duplicate contents on your website. Since a non-unique content can reduce the search engine ranking, it is not good for SEO. The main reason is that if a search engine already has identical content in their index, there’s absolutely no reason to index your web content since it has nothing new to provide.

  • Keyword stuffing:

    Repeating the same keywords over and over again not because they’re helpful in the text but because you’re supposed to optimize your copy, is a very bad SEO practice. Not only it’ll discourage your visitors from interacting or reading the content but it’s also a signal for search engines that you are attempting to manipulate their algorithms.

  • Guest posting for links:

    Lot of people insisted guest posting is a secure method of obtaining back links to your site. While guest posting are often a good way to do that, if done cheaply and wrongly, can harm your rankings.

  • Accepting low quality guest posts:

    You can feature new writers on your web site and publish content written by others provided that it is original, relevant and helpful for your audience. If these rules are not met, then it’s better not to publish them at all.

  • Paid links:

    Buying links for any kind is a bad practice and something that Google can find out and most probably you may end up losing your rankings and can need to try even harder to achieve something good on-line.Effect of Bad SEO links on your website rankings11

  • Not using Google Webmaster Tools:

    Google developed the webmaster tools so as to establish better communication with webmasters. There’s a lot of information you can get about your web site and a lot of tools to assist you understand how to improve your SEO and rankings in Google. You can check for things like bad links, duplicate titles, crawl errors and descriptions and much more.

  • Having many outgoing links:

    It’s not only the incoming links that can harm your web site but also the outgoing links. Websites that have lots of outgoing links without using the ‘no follow’ tag will be considered as paid directories.

  • Unavailable or slow websites:

    Your web site should load in less than 4-5 seconds and may be available 24/7 all the time. Anything that doesn’t comply with the above rules is considered as bad SEO practice.


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