Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads

Google Adwords

Google is opening to test a new format for text ads by removing text ads from the right rail of the search results on desktop. Named Expanded Text Ads, the new format skins longer headlines.

At present, headlines can extend to comprise the first line of description copy when that line ends with a punctuation mark. Moreover this arranging has only been reachable to ads served in the headline. But now that the right rail ads are left; Google can modify the agreement text ad formatting system extensive.

The main difference seen in this format is that the text ads will feature an extended headline. And the full 70 character count of description copy.

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Bitly URL Shortener

Long URLs. No more. Use Bitly


If have some long URLs such as$52, you can shorten it and customize it you a new URL with a prefix of

In short, the above URL can be shortened to .

You can try it out on any live URL. The most recommended tip is to open an account in and start adding bit links to shortened. You can also get analytics of those links such as clicks and referrals. This is quite useful, when you are sending URLs to clients or customers through email or you wish to track a particular link, whose analytics you wish to see.

Check out this URL Shortener at:

Staying active in SEO?

Staying active in SEO?

Staying Active in SEO
Tips for staying active in SEO.








    • SEO or Search Engine Optimization, deals mostly with fresh and updated content.They say ‘Content is King’.
      But, I have also heard lately, ‘Content is King, but Context is God !’.Well here are ways to actually staying active in SEO:
    • Being socially active on the web. Keep good contacts corresponding to work on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc.

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What should a good SEO be.?

Good SEO

Long back, SEO just meant altering the website’s meta tags, optimizing content and HTML headings, creating robots.txt file and generating the sitemap.

But , now it has come to a whole new level from there….

…and this is the year 2016.

Now a good SEO Analyst, in now focussed on the website’s user interface (UI) along with user experience (UX). Particularly, if he or she handling a E-commerce website. Everybody wants to beat their competition and is focused on working new tricks and tweaks of ranking ahead using SEO. Read More

The signs that shows you have an outdated website

Outdated Website

The methods and concepts that make up web design are dynamic principles. This usually means that if you think that you’re right time with your digital strategy, you’ve already fallen behind. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and understanding regarding upcoming opportunities a full-time idea that needs businesses to constantly keep their finger against the pulse of all things digital. Read More

Elements of an SEO-friendly web design

SEO-friendly web design

There are a number of elements that should be kept top of mind to ensure a website’s design is SEO-friendly web design. First and foremost, if your website load speed is slow and choppy, then this is the first factor to handle. A slow website is either bogged-down with huge media files (i.e. huge images, Flash media videos, etc.) or poor, cumbersome coding structures. Read More