Digital content strategy

Digital Content Strategy for Mobile Publishers: Researchers say that by 2016 the number of users to use social media through mobile will be about 1.5 billion, which is more double the number of users at present. We can consider this integration of social media and mobile devices as a geo-social trend.Studies reveal that people are in social media not only for updates from friends. Their social presence is also intended to get recent news or activities in their area.

So, social networks should be well suited on mobile devices.So, the content strategies will have to be reconstructed after studying how these are consumed in these platforms. Mobile devices have varying screen sizes and user interfaces. So, the content strategy has to be well suited to these devices. So, the context should go with any or all of the following:


Whether the device is a Smartphone or tablet. And, screen size, resolution etc.


Where the content is being used (at home, noisy area, or other outdoor places)


When is the content being consumed, or at any particular time which content has more relevance.

Social Relevance:

What people consume in their vicinity or at what time and which location people are in search of these content.


To what degree can the content be tailored to an individual.

The statistics of how much amount do people consume content is:

a) Paragraphs- Less than 3

b) Audio- Less than 30 seconds

c) Video- Less than one minute

As you may know, social media open up new routes for connecting with public. New revenue opportunities are also being opened up. Due to the sprouting up of social media, online classifieds are also losing their local revenue also. While moving to mobile devices, publishers are getting more exposure and this will be a appealing tool for them. This can also be considered as a powerful marketing tool for local businesses. You can make your audience updated with the latest news of your company.

Also, you can send instant updates to people belonging to a particular locality. So, creating the content for mobile devices is of great importance and has its own significance.


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