Black Hat

We are familiar with SEO techniques that are used to improve search engine ranking. As a matter of fact the two major types of SEO method is Black hat and white hat SEO, which are used to increase the traffic to your site. Now, have you heard about Black hat and White hat SEO? Moreover these are related to the specific techniques that are used to improve to search engine ranking of a website or webpage.

Black hat SEO refers to the attempts to boost rankings in ways that are not approved by search engines. Also they go against current search engine guidelines. White hat SEO refers to the use of good practice ways to attain high search engine rankings.

Now, what is black hat search engine optimization? There are many black hat SEO techniques. These techniques are sometimes used byunethical search engine optimization Service providers to make quick and easy results. But the results never last and once Bing, Google and other search engines discover you website is using Black Hat SEO strategies you will either be severely penalized in your rankings or will be removed entirely from their index.difference between black hat and white hat SEO11


There are certain black hat SEO techniques that people use without realizing that this violates Google’s terms of service. They are:
  • Creating spam content: This is done by creating fake pages on your web site, filling them with filler text and then placing your keywords into the filler text. Google hates spam sites and this may get you blacklisted quickly.
  • Buying links: It is never okay to buy a link. It’s okay to pay someone to submit your web site to directories and indexes, but it’s never acceptable in Google’s eyes to pay for the link. This may appear like a very fine line and it is, but it’s one Google is very good at detecting. Legitimate advertising links are specifically marked as “no follow” links. So that Google and others ignore them and you’re not penalized.
  • Hiding content: This technique involves placing text with your keywords on your page so using CSS to form the text either extremely small. Or very near the background color so that your web site visitors will not notice it but search engines will. It is very easy for Google to identify and will get you on their bad side.difference between black hat and white hat SEO12


Now let us see some of the white hat techniques that are most effective and common:
  • Naturally and effectively using your keywords and key phrases in your headings, content, Meta tags, link anchor text and title, and image alt text.
  • Video marketing: Videos are not only for television. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc are places where you can place some advertising videos about your company. This can contribute to an important part in SEO.
  • Article and blog writing: You can write articles and blogs about the topics your site covers. And you can use your key phrases and keywords.
  • Submitting your site to search engines and directories.
  • Press release: Submitting press release for distribution can provide a valuable source of link building.

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