Audience to Promoters

Do you know the secret behind the success of any business?? It is their customers. Now, which business is an ‘Intelligent Business’? It is the business that can convert its customers into promoters. For promotion, you should get good customers. For online businesses offering web solutions, customers can be called as audience.

How can you get good audience?

Only by giving them some useful content, right? It is the only best and straight way to get prospect customers. But the fact is that even great bloggers or content marketers often fail to produce great content that make others to share it. So, what I can suggest you is to write what audience think, not what you think. It is not easy; but is the right way to get people in hand.

You need not think whether your readers are salespersons or not. Just give them something fresh and new inorder to get a few followers, shares or likes. More attractive the link looks on your social network, more clicks you get; thereby getting many audiences and followers gradually.

Title Tag

The Title Tag is the main thing for social sharing. It is normally used by default for the clickable link of social media like Facebook, Google+ etc. This must be a tag that is compelling your visitor to share; or it must be appealing enough to share it. Most CMS will automatically create title tag from headline. But if you are using WordPress, it is highly recommended to use SEO plugin or a premium template with SEO features.

But, don’t make your title tag messy with lot of excess information. This will make it cluttered while trying to share. Just putting an attractive headline is enough to get more shares. And, those who share these can be your effective promoters too. The length of Title Tag has to be kept less than 70 characters. But, it doesn’t matter if it goes beyond 70 while placing targeted keywords for SEO purposes.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the description is the details shown below the title tag in search result. But, when it comes to social sharing, Meta Description is the additional information that shows up when you share a web page on social networks. This gives you an option of few more words to impress your readers. But, Google search results limit its length to 150 characters. So, use the best stuff enough to make the link as enticing as possible.

Featured Image


Adding images is the key ingredient to success for many great content writers. Almost all social networks except Twitter have the option to share picture. While competing with a number of other status updates, this will help to catch someone’s eye. So, take time to select the right picture for your content. If you have multiple images, put the most catchy image at the top; social networks may by default put the first image on your share.

As you go forward with your content marketing, remember your visitors are not salesmen, and neither are your readers. Don’t expect your followers to give an amazing introduction to your website on Facebook or other social media. By simply studying how your post will be displayed when someone hits your share on Facebook or other social networks, you will start gaining from your visitors. You will gradually find your visitors as your promoters themselves.


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