Cloud Computing

At its initial start up stage, Cloud computing was having a negative impact over the IT field. Many IT experts and researchers mentioned cloud computing as a technology to ruin new career opportunities. But, it is opening new ways to a big revolution of business opportunities world wide. By 2015, about 14,0000000 career options will be sprouted up world wide according to a study conducted by Microsoft.Since many huge corporate companies as well as MNCs are adopting this new technology, many chances for job seekers are opening. Also, there is no need of any basic requirements for this. Cloud computing has paved the way for a business of $6000 Crore in 2011. Also, 15 lakhs new job opportunities were also created. Career opportunities include those in Communication and Media, Manufacturing, Banking etc. Engineering graduates and other IT professionals are getting more opportunities in this area.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The old concept of a computer with its own operating system, programs and hard disks for data storage is almost moving into recycle bin. Just assume computer as an instrument like television or radio that just receives services or signals transmitted by another center. Such a service is called Cloud Computing.

The hardware components are losing its priority and software is gaining more importance in this. Cloud computing is considered as a new revolution and is not a new technology or custom. It is the new method to do business in a revolutionary way.This helps a lot to overcome the challenges faced by today’s internet world.

In fact This service will provide software, database and many other services at particular rates with the aid of a web browser or similar web applications. In India, many companies like Asok Leyland, Bharati Airtel, Infosys etc are already making use of Cloud computing.


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