E-commerce website Designing

E-commerce is advancing at a fast pace, and plenty of on-line E-Commerce websites are coming into the internet each day. The competition is continuously increasing. Keep in mind that you aren’t selling directly to customers you have to do something to make customers attracted towards you. Still it’s found that companies are treating on-line customers with a certain level of ignorance which will eventually lead into lose of customers.

There are lots of challenges that the present E-Commerce shopping portals face. Just go through them, as you might also be facing these challenges.

  • Pushy sales:

    When customers search for something for on-line shopping, they eventually gets frustrated with plenty of popup and banner ads screaming at them, this is not going to assist you, as this will only make customers switch to other sites. There are many of them currently.

  • Personalization:

    This is one of the most important challenges. If you have a personal interaction with the store owners it becomes difficult to replace when you are selling online.

  • No service sales:

    Your E-commerce website may be attractive. But sometimes your customers get lost in your site as they don’t have the idea what to search and where to go.challenges to be faced while designing an e-commerce website

  • Finding a Niche:

    Finding a Niche in e-Commerce means that finding Niche people who will be willing to transact over the internet for a particular product. But there are too many niche e-Commerce players in the market and finding a large enough market willing to buy on-line is going to be the primary and foremost challenge for a start-up.

  • Customer Acquisition:

    To get people to come on an e-Commerce website and make a purchase involves significant cost because of advertisement and marketing. This cost is important and can be brought down to cost per customer. In the opinion of experts the average figure for this metric in the current E-Commerce system is between INR 500 – 1000 customer; which is not sustainable for even medium sized firms; including early stage ones.

  • Customer Service:

    Customer service is something that is considered in the Indian context. But in the dense E-commerce market quality customer support is going to be a huge distinction. Encouraging customers or telling them the status of a process is sometimes needed to keep the customer from hitting the button and taking to public media.

  • Raising Funds to Scale:

    Once an e-Commerce company possesses its traction going, obtaining the branding right is going to be essential. Each e-Commerce success in India has got their branding right and has been a very important part of their scaling method.

This, however, would require funds. The present funding bodies are once bitten, twice shy regarding funding e-Commerce companies in    e-commerce red              India. An e-Commerce company will bootstrap to a particular extent, scaling needs funds. A large majority of them have failed in this                      section.

  • Current challenges:

    Different countries have different import export specifications. This obstructs smoothness in E-Commerce shopping and products delivery. Problems related to credit card limits and currency exchange rates. Certain countries also limit payment gateways causing problem.


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