Tips for designing an E-commerce website for easy usability

Designing an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website is very important for many business or organizations. It is also very important in getting more clients for your business. But there are certain differences in designing an e-commerce website and a normal website. Making business through the internet is usually referred as E-commerce. Hence e-commerce plays an important role in reaching out to many people who are searching for your products online. Read More

What is a Digital Branding service and how much does it costs?

Digital Branding Service

Web India Solutions offer digital branding service that includes, Brochure, Business card, Envelope, Hoarding, Leaflet, Letterhead, Logo, Poster and Advertisement designing. We also provide 4 page Brochure designing, Business card designing, Leaflet designing, Letterhead designing and Logo designing as a package known as Corporate package. We assist you to design the face of your business based on the target audience. Read More

How much does it cost to design a website?

Design a Website

Today, most of the website owners have a question that, how much does it cost to design a website. Web India Solutions is one of the leading website designing and development companies which includes website redesigning, responsive website creation, website content updates, designing E-commerce website etc.

Website development and designing includes different disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of website. Our website designers use different tools depending on what part of production process they are involved. Over time, the tools are updated by newer software and standards, but their principles remain the same. Read More

What is an autonomous underwater vehicle?

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

You may have heard about underwater vehicles. But do you know what an autonomous underwater vehicle is? It is also referred to as unmanned underwater vehicles, are often used to perform underwater survey missions like detecting and mapping submerged rocks, wrecks, and obstructions that create a hazard to navigation for commercial and recreational vessels. Read More

ATM security by image processing

ATM security

We all are familiar with ATM facilities. We use a secret pin number as a security measure in ATM system. From the view of security point, fingerprints and biological information normally represent sensitive data; and that needs to be protected. Biometrics technology permits verification and determination of one’s identity through physical characteristics. In order to put it simply, it use the human body in to his or her password. Read More

What is Google’s Big table?

Google’s Big table

Traditional relational databases introduce a view that’s composed of multiple tables. Each with rows and named columns. For example a table of students might include a student’s name, ID number, and contact info. In fact A table of grades might include a student’s ID number, course number, and grade. We will construct a query that extracts grades by name by checking out the ID number. In the student table then matching that ID number in the grade table.

Here is a new idea of storing data in table. This is called Big Table. Do you know what a Google’s Big Table is? Big Table is a distributed storage system that’s structured as a large table:. Read More

What is software reuse?

Software Reuse

We have heard the term reuse. But do you know what software reuse is? Software reusability is the probability a piece of source code that may be used again to add new functionalities with little or no modification. Programmers have always reused functions, sections of code and procedures. Code reuse is that the concept that a partial or complete computer program written at just once is being or should be utilized in another program written at a later time. The idea of software reuse emerged as a recognized area after proposed basing of industry on reusable elements. To attain full potential of reuse, we want to focus our attention on development for reuse. Read More

Importance of video submission in SEO

video submission in SEO

Do you what is the importance of video submission in SEO? This is similar to written SEO that helps the marketing of your website. Video SEO is important as a result of it permits your video to be uploaded to your web site, shared through social media retailers like YouTube so as to understand the utmost quantity of exposure achievable. A successful internet video are about to be below 5 minutes in order that you just might not lose your audience’s attention. Something longer and you risk the person clicking away before the decision to action.

This trend presents startups that are able to produce quality video content with tremendous search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. In fact, Forrester analysis reports that compared with normal SEO techniques, a video that is properly submitted is 50 times more likely to attain a first-page Google ranking. And since video is in such short offer, relative to other web-related content, the competition for search engine attention is less fierce. Read More

How can we use Pinterest?


Design inspiration is all around us. And each day there are new tools popping up to assist us collect and share that inspiration. One among those great tools is Pinterest. The image collection platform could be a fantastic source of design inspiration, from typography to print, internet or packaging design.

pinterest(1)Pinterest is that the pin-board style social sharing web site made common by brides-to-be and crafters. However it’s even more potential for designers. There are two ways to use Pinterest – as a personal or as a business.

There are several uses for Pinterest that create it a perfect platform for graphic designers and illustrators. Now let us have a look at these: Read More