What is a clockless chip?

We all are familiar with the chips that we use in many electronic devices. But have you heard about clockless chip? Clockless chips are electronic chips that aren’t using clock for timing signal. Also They are enforced in asynchronous circuits. An asynchronous circuit may be a circuit in which the components are mostly autonomous. they’re not governed by a clock circuit or global clock signal, instead need only wait for the signals that indicate completion of instructions and operations.<!–more–> Read More

What is a Haptic Technology?

Haptic Technology

Do you know what a Haptic technology is? The basic idea of haptic devices is to provide users with a force feedback data on the motion and/or force that they generate. Haptic devices are helpful for tasks where visual data isn’t sufficient and will induce unacceptable manipulation errors, for instance teleoperation or surgery in radioactive/chemical environments.

The aim of haptic devices is to provide the user with a sense of the situation. A haptic technology is a force or tactile feedback technology that permits a user to touch, feel, create, manipulate, and/or alter simulated three-dimensional objects in virtual surroundings. Read More

What is zForce Touch Screen?

zforce touch screen

We all are familiar with different touch screen devices. Touch screen is used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computer screens etc. But have you heard about zForce Touch Screen Technology? zForce touch technology is that the Company’s innovative optical 2d touch technology. It offers variety of major benefits compared with traditional touch technologies, like resistive or capacitive.

With zForce technology, any kind of screen or display is often used. In fact, zForce technology works with any surface – flat, spherical or the other shape. Another advantage is that any kind of object can be used – a finger or a stylus, fingernails, a car key, ordinary pens and gloves. Read More

What is an Itanium Processor?

Itanium processor

We all are familiar with the processors that are used in our computer systems and mobile phones. Now let us have a look at such a processor named as Itanium processor. Have you heard about an Itanium processor? The Itanium brand extends Intel’s reach into the best level of computing enabling powerful servers. And high- performance workstations to handle the increasing demands that the net economy places on e-business. The Itanium design may be a distinctive combination of innovative features, like predication, speculation, explicit parallelism and much more. Read More

What are the benefits of using Intelligent RAM?

Intelligent RAM

We all are familiar with RAM. But have you heard about Intelligent RAM? The goal of Intelligent RAM (IRAM) is to design an economical computer by designing a processor during a memory fabrication process; instead of in a typical logic fabrication method, and include memory on-chip. To design a processor in a DRAM process one should study the business and culture of the DRAMs that is quite different from microprocessors.

IRAM is attractive nowadays for many reasons. First, the gap between the performance of processors and DRAMs has been widening at 500th per year for ten years. So that despite heroic efforts by applications developers, compiler writers, and architects, more applications are restricted by memory speed nowadays than in the past. Read More

What is cluster computing?

Do you know what a cluster computing is? Clustering may be a common strategy for implementing parallel processing applications because it allows companies to leverage the investment already created in PCs and workstations. Connecting two or more PCs together in such ways that they behave like a single computer. Moreover, clustering is employed for fault tolerance, parallel processing and load balancing.

The recent improvement in high-speed networks and improved microprocessor performance are creating networks or clusters of workstations an appealing vehicle for cost effective parallel computing. Clusters built using commodity software and hardware components are enjoying a significant role in redefining the idea of super computing. Read More

What is free space optics?

We all are familiar with optics and optical communication. But have you heard about free space optics? Free space optics technology (abbreviated as FSO), also known as open-air photonics or optical wireless or infrared broadband, transmits information from point-to-point and multipoint using powerless infrared lasers.

Unlike traditional copper wires or fiber-optic technology, that transmits information by light across glass, FSO uses laser technology to transmit optical signals through the air using mirrors and lenses to focus and direct the beams and send information from one chip to another. FSO technology doesn’t need a spectrum license. Read More

What are the benefits of using Google analytics?

Google analytics

Have you heard about Google Analytics?. It is an excellent tool for observation the progress and also the performance of your web site. And yet only a few webmasters are using it. Due to this, blog owners need to be constantly reminded of the essential advantages of Google Analytics in order to further convince others to begin using it for the advantage of their on-line businesses.

The Analytics of Google is absolutely equipped with state-of-the-art tools. And features which will greatly improve the effectiveness of your on-line marketing. Apart from that, you may also tap on the colossal resource of data that’s important to your business. Read More

Tips to promote your business on Twitter

promote your business

We all are familiar with social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. that helps to promote your business. The social medias help to attain more traffic to your site and this helps your site’s ranking in search engine. One of the most important social media promotions is by Twitter. One of the main reasons for Twitter promotion is that companies of all sizes are flocking to Twitter.

Twitter allows you to instantly get the word out regarding your product, service, project, or idea. But to market your business on Twitter effectively, you have to be the type of poster that people will prefer to follow, as only your followers will ever see your tweets (posts). Read More

What do you mean by Night Vision Technology?

Night Vision Technology

Do you know what a Night Vision Technology is? Night Vision Technology usually allows one to see in the dark. It is generally used for military purpose. By using proper night vision equipment you can see a person standing 200 yards away on a cloudy moonless night.

Depending on the technologies used night vision can work in two different ways:
    • Image enhancement: This works by collecting the small amounts of light, including the lower portion of the infrared light spectrum, that are present however may be imperceptible to our eyes, and amplifying it to the point that we will simply observe the image.

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