Digital Content Strategy for Mobile Publishers

Digital content strategy

Digital Content Strategy for Mobile Publishers: Researchers say that by 2016 the number of users to use social media through mobile will be about 1.5 billion, which is more double the number of users at present. We can consider this integration of social media and mobile devices as a geo-social trend.Studies reveal that people are in social media not only for updates from friends. Their social presence is also intended to get recent news or activities in their area.

So, social networks should be well suited on mobile devices.So, the content strategies will have to be reconstructed after studying how these are consumed in these platforms. Mobile devices have varying screen sizes and user interfaces. So, the content strategy has to be well suited to these devices. So, the context should go with any or all of the following: Read More

10 tips to become Twitter power user

Twitter is triggered with its power users around 100 million. So, if you are among those power users whose aim is online marketing, surely you have to become a power user of Twitter. Then only you will be able to take advantage of the growing audience of Twitter.Don’t think that you will have to tweet the whole day without engaging in any other activities to become a power user. If you follow some tips or routine in using Twitter, you can win.Make a time table- As I mentioned earlier, there is no advantage in spending the whole day for Twitter. Read More

Basics of Social Business

social business

Do you know which is the integral part of social business and effective use of social technology? It is Engagement. More than impression and exposure, social business points towards collaboration. All your audience is engaged in collaborative activities like sharing thoughts or ideas. But, this can never be positive always- one can share his concern about you based on a particular incident (can be positive or negative). Read More

Social Media Marketing

Technologies for Social Media Marketing

A variety of tools and web solutions are available today for businesses. New technologies have replaced old concepts and ideas of online marketing. Today, we can see the successful era of social media. Here, people form communities or groups to share ideas with other members. Normally, we can see that people share something that they found to be quite interested in other links. Hope you are a person with Facebook or Twitter account; so, I am not going to list down the names of social networks available today. Read More

Social Media Manager

Social media and its Trends

We have already come across several phases of social media manager and its trends. Truly speaking, social networking sites have changed the economic marketing and advertising strategies. Social media branding is not an easy tactic in terms of marketing and advertising. It demands your attention and cannot be considered as a trend or constrained phenomenon. Strong determination and tactical organization is required to make it effective. Read More

Social Networking Impact

Social Network

Social Networking Impact: Social networks like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook have experienced a great development in membership within a short span of time. We are all familiar with the attractive means of interaction and sharing offered by them. Also, there are several privacy and security concerns aroused recently. However, social networks bring forth novel interactive ways for users, in the midst of these privacy concerns. Millions of people around the world willingly open their own social media accounts for friends, jobs, or other social purposes, knowing these niche concerns. Read More

Google Plus for Business


With the powerful launch of Google+, the personalized web has begun. The way in which information is structured and accessed will be more turned on persons. Their personal profile will be a group of data collected on the basis of their searches and shares. Till now, you will search some topic or article in the search box of Google. This is popularly said as outward facing. But, after Google Plus, search is becoming more inward. When you visit a website, the ads will reflect brands or topics that you have demonstrated a past interest is through what you have searched and shared. Read More