How crowd sourcing for blog content increase your website traffic?

Website Traffic

As time passes by, more firms are starting to appreciate the idea or crowd-sourcing. For example, if “Pringles” needed to find subsequent new flavor that their customers need to visualize, they wouldn’t turn to food or flavorings specialists, but instead access their Facebook and Twitter followers and have them vote on the next big issue. That way, not only do customers get a say in what will be available for them to buy, they also have an opportunity of winning whatever prize the company puts out as an incentive to get concerned. Read More

How can you protect the Social Media Identity of your brand?

Social Media Identity

Social media marketing is perhaps something that you are engaged in, whether your business is large or small. But all too typically people hand over set up and management of these valuable business assets to people who aren’t as qualified as they should be and/or they don’t protect their social media accounts.

However, in spite of this, too many people prefer to hand the setup and management of their social media brand identity over to people who don’t really understand what they’re doing. As a result, companies will end up having their accounts stolen or compromised by a rogue worker. Read More

Important pillars for social commerce success

Social Commerce Success

You may have already heard about F-commerce. Once upon a time, Facebook commerce was supposed to be the future of on-line marketing. Of course, we quickly realized that internet selling isn’t that easy. As much as a business might like to multiply their revenue by adding a ‘shop’ tab to their Facebook page, this would focus far too much on a very small portion of social commerce. Read More

How can you promote your conference with social media?

Social Media

We know that Social Medias play an important role in most of the business. But do you know how to promote your conference with Social Media. You can use Social Media effectively for making a direct connection with the attendees of a conference. You can also monitor how they are engaging with the conference.

Now let us see how you can promote your conference using Social Media: Read More

Tips for better online marketing article writing.

Online marketing article writing

Business organizations working today have talented online marketing personals employed. But even with the most talented group of marketing people, sometimes we have to do a bit of copywriting ourselves. Even the busiest business owners and executives get tasked with a bit of occasional article or emails and it is very difficult to convey the key message in a short and précised manner. Let us go through some tips for online writing. Read More

Facebook’s new website designing language!

website designing language

Hack is the new programming language which was introduced on 20th March, 2014. Facebook is the behind the invention of this programming language.  It can be considered as a new version of PHP which also runs of HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) invented by Facebook. HHVM is an open source virtual machine which executes program codes written in Hack and PHP. Most of the PHP source files are Hack files too.

HipHop Virtual Machine

Hack has added some functionality to PHP which helps the PHP developers to build application which runs across HHVM. Facebook tested the functioning of Hack in all Facebook sites which has current viewership of about 1.2 Billion. HHVM is fully available for all of the Linux variants including Ubundu, CentOS, Debian etc and can also be run on Mac OS X in interpreted mode with no JIT(Just-In-Time). So, with HHVM, the programmer has the freedom to choose the operating system and web server. HHVM supports a wide range of database and communication protocols. Read More

How can I c (SEO) service?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial player in marketing the products online. Search engine optimization provides efficient web marketing by increasing the web traffic to internet sites. There are different ways to optimize our web page and bring them on top of the search results or major search engines.

Some ways for search engine optimization service are given below:

I) Content Marketing:
Content Marketing Cycle


  • a)      The web content should be worthy and should contain the material which the web site is intended to provide.  It should be relevant and provide fruitful information to the user searching for topics. Read More

How to protect your business Reputation Online?

Business Reputation

How to protect your business Reputation Online? This a question often asked by many business firms. Starting from the basics we will suggest certain tips on how to do this.
More than 90% of consumers search for local businesses online. If they do not like what they see, they will avoid your business. Many business owners, however, are focused on the day-to-day operations that it’s difficult to keep up with everything that is being written about or said about their business. Nobody wants to find out that bad things are being said about them, whether these comments come from a real customer, a disgruntled former employee or someone wishing to harm your business. The most effective way to deal with this type of online reputation negativity is to have an effective campaign in place to counter the negative with positive reviews about your business along with positive web articles.

Read More

What do you know about Google+?


Most of you may be familiar with the term Google+, but a lot of people misunderstandings about Google+.  We are posting this article inorder to clarify this misunderstanding. Actually it is really Google’s value added contribution to its already dominating search. But one thing you should remember is that there is a social networking aspect to Google+. The real value to this is its groundwork for an enhanced level of search quality. Read More