Is Google Possum giving you a hard time?

Google Possum

When you think of SEO, you will realize that the game of optimization is no more a child’s play. The new Google Possum has taken a drive on how a particular phrase or word needs to be spotted out in local search rankings.
Well, the crux of the Possum is that it seems to linger upon local searches only. If you are looking only for names about a company, then this problem probably would not arise. Read More

Google – Mobile Friendly Update

Google – Mobile Friendly Update

It has completely released the second edition of the mobile-friendly upgrade nowadays. Google Search engine Webmaster David Mueller declared it on Tweets, saying, “The mobile changes described here are now completely released.”

And Google provided us a heads-up in Goal that they are intending to improve the mobile-friendly criteria in May. And clearly, that has completed moving out nowadays.

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Rank Brain: A New Algorithm of Google

Rank Brain

Now Google uses a machine learning artificial intelligence known as Rank Brain which is to help to sort through its search results. The main information regarding the rank brain system is that; it is a machine artificial intelligence system which is used to help to process its search results. Read More

Staying active in SEO?

Staying active in SEO?

Staying Active in SEO
Tips for staying active in SEO.








    • SEO or Search Engine Optimization, deals mostly with fresh and updated content.They say ‘Content is King’.
      But, I have also heard lately, ‘Content is King, but Context is God !’.Well here are ways to actually staying active in SEO:
    • Being socially active on the web. Keep good contacts corresponding to work on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc.

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What should a good SEO be.?

Good SEO

Long back, SEO just meant altering the website’s meta tags, optimizing content and HTML headings, creating robots.txt file and generating the sitemap.

But , now it has come to a whole new level from there….

…and this is the year 2016.

Now a good SEO Analyst, in now focussed on the website’s user interface (UI) along with user experience (UX). Particularly, if he or she handling a E-commerce website. Everybody wants to beat their competition and is focused on working new tricks and tweaks of ranking ahead using SEO. Read More

Elements of an SEO-friendly web design

SEO-friendly web design

There are a number of elements that should be kept top of mind to ensure a website’s design is SEO-friendly web design. First and foremost, if your website load speed is slow and choppy, then this is the first factor to handle. A slow website is either bogged-down with huge media files (i.e. huge images, Flash media videos, etc.) or poor, cumbersome coding structures. Read More

Is SEO Simpler than you think it is?


Over the years, search engine optimization has been in a constant method of evolution and growth. The older techniques that focused more on black-hat practices and keyword stuffing became increasingly obsolete, permitting newer, trendier ways to specialize in user experience.

Throughout the history of its existence, SEO has been identified as an incredibly valuable and cost effective strategy for business owners. In spite of their industry – yet several businesses owners remain too intimidated by the concept to follow through with it. SEO is a technique that takes a great deal of time, and important attention. But it does not have to be difficult. With the proper commitment and mentality, any business owner will start to build their SEO campaign, and reap the various advantages. Read More

What is the impact of content and usability in search engine ranking?

Search Engine Factors

Search engines are systematically operating to enhance their performance by ensuring that visitors can achieve the results that are more suitable for them. Though deciding which results are the “best” for any given person can be advanced; search engines generally have a good idea of which websites and pages will satisfy their searching users. Usually, these specific sites will have a number of necessary factors in common:

  • Will give the information that is directly relevant to the questions entered.
  • Are easy to navigate, understand and use.
  • Will deliver high-quality, legitimate and credible content.
  • Will be accessible to professionally designed and modern browsers.

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