How crowd sourcing for blog content increase your website traffic?

Website Traffic

As time passes by, more firms are starting to appreciate the idea or crowd-sourcing. For example, if “Pringles” needed to find subsequent new flavor that their customers need to visualize, they wouldn’t turn to food or flavorings specialists, but instead access their Facebook and Twitter followers and have them vote on the next big issue. That way, not only do customers get a say in what will be available for them to buy, they also have an opportunity of winning whatever prize the company puts out as an incentive to get concerned. Read More

Print an image into an object – 3D Printer

Low cost 3d printer

peachy printerAre you looking for low cost 3d printer? How would it be, if an app in your Smartphone could design a product and then you could plug this phone into a 3d printer and get the finished product? Here is one such invention. 28-year-old Rylan Grayston invented a 3d printer which costs $100. What’s amazing is that Grayston doesn’t have more than secondary education in computer science or engineering. He lives in a remote small town (Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada) and used information he found on the Internet to reinvent 3d printing technology. Read More

What are mobile phone processors?

Mobile phone processors

What-are-mobile-phone-processorsIn the present world of mobile technology, with the usage of the same starting from recharging the SIM card to purchasing a brand new car, there is a question which naturally arises about a well-heard terminology in mobile technology. Processors! What are mobile phone processors? Why are they used? Which all mobile processors are good? What Kind of processor should I select? Well, the answer for these questions does not fit in this page, but surely I am trying to get an insight towards mobile processors.


What are mobile phone processors?

Just like the processors used in computer, mobile phone is also in need of the same with the innovation of surprising technologies. A mobile application processor can be defined as a System on a Chip (SoC) designed to support applications and programs that run on the platform of a mobile operating system. Without a fast processor it is almost impossible for a new gen smart phone to gain its functionality.  Previously, it was not much discussed while looking into the specification of a mobile phone, what type of processor is used. But now it has taken its own chair in the spec sheets of mobile phones. Read More

How is automobile and IT industry related?

Automobile and IT industry

Automobile industry, until the end of 90’s, was considered as a different industry and was not taken into account with the booming IT industry. With the evolution and widespread use if embedded system programming, automobile industry was revolutionized by information technology sector. This co-relation made an unexpected growth automobile industry and also facilitated the use of information technology outside the conventional pc’s and laptops. What I am going to mention here is some of the popular IT mechanisms used in automobile industry which attracted millions around the world who were using their vehicle just for transportation. Read More