Things you are not aware of the RIO 2016 Olympics LOGO.

RIO 2016 Olympics

How do we create a logo design for the most complex visual identity in the world. And the Olympic game was tough for any firm because it’s really hard to satisfy and target the audience on the entire World.

Design agencies

In the month of September 2009, Brazilian agency Tatil beat 138 Design agencies to win the RIO 2016 Olympics project. The Tatil brought the whole team including the IT department and receptionists into the design project. The team created 50 different logos before finalizing the design.

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10 Common Web Design Mistakes

10 Common Web Design Mistakes: Today website acts as an integral part of any business. One flaw may turn away a valuable potential customer from websites. There are so many factors we have to keep in mind before designing a website. In this article, I would like to highlight few mistakes that constitute a bad webpage design.


    1. Logo-A logo is the unique identity of a company. In some websites, logo is not on the top of the page and it is not redirecting to the home page.

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    New Web Design Trends for 2014

    Well, it’s the time of year again for the businesses to look ahead what the coming year will bring. Do you have any idea about the new web design trends that we can expect in 2014?  In the last year, many web design trends have been introduced leads a rapid growth in sales by transforming viewers into customers through business websites. Those design trends are still around today with more advanced options. Here I am going to share a few trends to look out for this year.

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    Benefits of tableless design

    In the past Websites were created using HTML which makes use of transparent tables, nested within others. Recently CSS have been developed. Though this type of design positions HTML elements on a page, it does so in a tableles fashion. There are numerous benefits to this form of page layout.


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    Web Design or SEO-What is more important?

    So, today our question is what is more important, web design or SEO? It’s a bit confusing question. Let me explain it using some examples. You may have seen some sites which are almost impossible for anyone to read. Do you know why the site is done like it? Do they have any benefit in doing something like that? The answer is yes! It is done purposely. The use of more and more keywords is considered as a means of SEO. That is to attain search engine ranking. But the worst fact is that such websites no longer attract visitors. They can’t convey their message clearly to the customers. Truly saying, the site will be a failure.

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