Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps is the first front-end framework created for developing fully responsive web applications. This is developed to help individuals and companies to build well design user friendly future web apps.  The framework is built around Angular JS and the Flexbox grid framework. These frameworks enable quick and simple responsive web application creation facilitating developers to suddenly and easily start writing code that is unique to the proposed application.

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Motion User Interface

Motion User Interface

The motion or animation in the website in the new trend that lot of website designing and developing companies are following these days. The Motion User Interface (UI) is a Sass library and it widely finds use in the field of custom CSS. Moreover the web developers create a stunning website by using this technology.

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Ways to Optimize your Online Presence for higher ROI


Even with all the technology that dominates our daily lives, several small business owners are still left uninformed and annoyed regarding the “back end” advantages of having an online presence. You know you need a website with data regarding your product or services; need SEO so people will notice your website; require a Facebook Page so social media addicts will follow your business for whatever reason. Read More

How can you make your E-Commerce Customers to Purchase more?

It’s far more rewarding to convince your current customers that they must purchase from you again, than it’s to seek out new customers from scratch. Conversions, ad impressions and clicks seem to constantly be increasing in cost, creating new traffic all the more expensive to acquire.

The more a particular client chooses to buy from you, the stronger your relationship with that client becomes. These strong relationships prompt your customers to commend and champion your services and products. Creating powerful referrals and marketing efforts that may drive new customers your way. Read More

Importance of assessing data correctly in marketing measurement

Marketing Measurement

Proper measurement is an important part of forming a successful marketing strategy. However, several marketing agencies, online business owners and professionals appear to falter when it involves using those numbers in determining return on investment. Fortunately, this is less of a problem than it once was, as there are currently several tips and solutions available to assist you leverage your information and analytics in a helpful manner. Read More

How can you generate huge online marketing results with a tiny budget?

Online Marketing

In today’s modern society, generating attention online is like generating cold, hard cash. Of course, in a world where quality translates to currency, it can be tough to attract the ears and eyes of your preferred target market. Most of the time, you will be fighting for recognition against larger, well-established firms who usually have a larger financial reserve to fund their marketing department. Read More

How can you write better product descriptions?

Product Descriptions

Compelling, informative, and distinctive product descriptions will facilitate your e-commerce business increase sales. Also, original product descriptions will facilitate avoid Google’s so-called “Farmer algorithm” penalty, which may affect retailers that copy product descriptions from competitors, or that use the precise descriptions recommended by suppliers. Read More

How to use data to improve your marketing strategy?

Marketing Strategy

Sales and marketing initiatives have begun to flourish considerably since big data became relevant nearly twenty years ago. Today, business to business marketers have developed as leaders in data-driven selling, and the ones that use analytics in their marketing projects are typically the ones that show the highest rates of profitability and productivity, with rates that are 5-6 percent higher than those not using data. Read More