Career Opportunities in Social Media

Social media are meant to connect people with each other, information gathering and sharing. How much you are aware about job opportunities in social media? A lot of career opportunities are sprouting out daily in social media. Actually, about 60% of social media users searched social media for job hunt. Any way, you have to be a bit careful while searching jobs via social networks. So, here are some ways to figure you out in the crowded social media. And, no one can understand that you are on hunt.

Raise Your Profile Visibility

Make your social media profile complete that includes key skills, experience and education. Exhibit your strong resume with rich content and information. This ensures you to be in initial positions in search results.Don’t hesitate to connect yourself with your old supervisor and friends you left a few years back who work in the same field.

Exhibit your Expertise

Another easy way to get noticed by your targeted employer is to put “Searching a position in……” and something like that. Sharing this across different networks you can attain your goal. Apart from this, sharing relevant content, joining in industry groups or communities etc can exhibit your expertise.

Monitor Your Privacy Settings

Almost all social networks offer several options in your contact settings. Also, in LinkedIn, there are options for job searching. If your current employer sees this option checked in your profile, surely it will create problems in your career.

In Facebook also, there is an option for job searching. Make sure that your current employer doesn’t see the job searching information you share with your family or friends. Make sure to read Twitter and Facebook privacy policies.

Don’t violate Your Company’s Social Media Policy

If you are an employee currently, then don’t violate your present employer’s social media policies. Remember- they can see your complete social media profile. So, don’t give them a way to take a disciplinary action against you.


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