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Building a Trusty Website: For any business, trust is the most important thing. If you are trusted by people, surely more income you can generate. It is the same case for a website also. A good website creates an environment necessary to build trust of your customers. If you take care for certain things, easily you can win trust of your target customers.Many website development companies in India offering professional website design often fail to build trust in the minds of visitors. Remember giving users a sense of stability for your business is not actually a single step action. If you can find a developer who offer unique web solutions can help you out in this.

Here are some points to suggest:
  • The website design should be relevant and go with your service or product.
  • Easy navigation should be there- else your visitors may jump to your competitors’ website.
  • Try to make the website personal rather than professional.
  • Include relevant and accurate website content in a timely manner.
  • Know your audience first, and then write in their language. Try to include what they think, not your thoughts. Also, remember that you are writing for your audience first, and then for search engines.
  • Avoid broken links and review all your links regularly, atleast once in a month.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t make unbelievable claims like” Become rich in an hour”. Surely you may lose trust.
  • Publish real testimonials of existing clients to get more trust.
  • Create a beautiful portfolio. Better not to display all your works. Publish some important projects done by your company.
  • Remember, website is not the right place to insult your competitors. Avoid such kind of unprofessional mannerisms.
  • It is better to build a long term reputation than making daily sales.
  • Making your company profile more personal will help people to understand that there is a good team behind your company website.
  • It is important to provide your contact address and phone number in your ‘contact us’ page.
  • Providing a telephone number, especially a landline number will arise more faith in your company.
  • Provide your mail address linked to your own domain name. For example, prefer to
  • Be careful while displaying ads on your website. It should be relevant to your audience.
  • Publishing your privacy policy and security policy is a good idea to win hearts of potential customers.
  • Tell your customers why they should trust you in simple words. Clearly state your refund or guarantee statements.
  • Having Google search on the website instills trust.
  • Whenever a customer comes online with any queries, respond quickly.
  • Allowing people to comment on your articles or blogs is a better way for interaction.
  • Visit other websites and ask yourself the questions whether you trust that one and if not, why.

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