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In my previous blog post, you have discovered some techniques on making a sticky website. Now, let me discuss some points with you regarding a sticky blog. How can we apply the logic of ‘sticky’ to a blog?

Monitor Your Stats:

A key to stickiness is monitoring your blog’s stats to see when spikes of traffic are occurring.

This is right on the money. A spike in traffic coming in from another blog or social media site can come and go in hours. You won’t be able to optimize your posts and capture some traffic unless you are aware of your stats. A blog with good design and layout will surely attract readers for the first time. But, it will not help you tailoring your posts.

Using Video:

Some professional bloggers suggest that using video in your posts is a good technique to keep people on your blog for a longer time. It is said that statistic of your blog may be increased by 10-20%. It is a technique yet to be tried for me.


Readers are getting an option to get some free downloads if they become members of certain bloggers. We can see a huge increase in reader engagement with membership. But, there is a small trouble with ‘membership’ that it may keep some people can stop reading your posts if they see people participating in your blog.

WordPress Sticky:

The WP Sticky Plugin can be used to make a post into stay at the top of your page. The post which you wish to make sticky should contain something that welcomes people again to your website. Again, this can be a post that contains links to all other post.

Proper Categorization:

Building proper categorization to your blog is yet another way to make your blog a sticky one. Normally, people are searching for a particular topic in their niche. So, they will more prefer a categorized blog to a generalized one. You can attract more people who share passion in that category.


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