6 Better ways to improve Alexa Ranking

Page rank is really important for any blog/website. Alexa Ranking is one of the most popular SEO tool for bloggers. Each blogger wants to increase Alexa Traffic Rank, including me. Why it is so important? Because it is one of the most accurate and freely available tools to find out our site’s traffic statistics and site reputation. It is really important to enhance Alexa Rank when you have your own website or blog. If you are providing an advertisement space on your website, first advertisers check your traffic and page views of your site. Here I am discussing 6 better ways to improve alexa rank of your website fast. The better you rank, the more you earn from your blogging.

Tips to increase Alexa Rank

1.    Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser

By installing alexa toolbar, you can see how popular a website is. Alexa will display the site popularity around globally and within a country. It also shows Average loading time, search analytics, wayback machine, related links of your website.

Download Alexa Toolbar now to improve the Alexa rank of your website.

2.    Claim Your Site on Alexa

This is one of the best ways to get good traffic on your site. These are the steps you have to follow before claiming your site on alexa.

Step 1:  First create an account.

Step 2: Go to alexa’s claim your site page ->enter your site’s details-> click on Claim your site button.

Step 3: Choose the preferred plans and prices that alexa offers.  Free plan is also available. Click on Sign up/Buy Now button.

Step 4: Select the second option if you are a blog spot user. After that add a meta tag in your blog template under section.

Step 5: Go back to Alexa and click on “verify my ID” button. Finally you will get a confirmation message that your site is successfully claimed.

Step 6:  Click on continue button and fill all the details of your site.

Step 7: Finished!

3.    Update your blog daily

A blogger should update his blog constantly to increase Alexa Rank. At least post minimum 6-8 contents per week to get better Alexa rating. But make sure the content is good quality or not before posting. A daily updated blog can get lots of visitors and this can definitely increase your page rank. If you don’t update it regularly, visitors come and see the older posts and this will loose their interest in browsing your blog again.

4.    Keep Commenting on others blog

Commenting on others blog is really an effective way to get better reputation about your site. Alexa tracks the links related to your website. So when you comment on a blog, Alexa keep record and shows more links of your website. If you do more blog commenting, Alexa will display more links of your website. In this way your site will get better reputation. You should post some interesting comments instead of posting self promoting comments. And make sure the comment is not spammer when you comment on others blog to build back links.

5.    Create High Quality Contents

Always keep your visitors engaged by creating high quality content. High quality content doesn’t mean a lengthy paragraph with difficult words. It can be a short written article with some interesting images, videos, slideshows etc.  Always make your own unique and valuable content instead of copying it from others. If you produce high quality content, visitors will spend more time on your site/blog and this can certainly increase page views very easily. In this way you can simply increase Alexa status of your website.

6.   Share Your Posts On Social Networking Site

You can share and discuss the same content articles in Social Networking Sites like facebook, twitter, Zynga etc. You need to promote your contents to capture attention and interest of public. So try to engage with your sharing followers and fans to make your blog a success. . Share your posts multiple times to get more followers. And never forget to add social media widgets to your blog/website. This will certainly speed up your alexa rank.


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