Alexa ranking

Within 1 month, Web India Solutions’ Alexa rank increased by 70 Lakhs!! Our Alexa traffic ranking was 75 Lakhs at the beginning of November. Currently, we reached upto 5 Lakhs in global ranking and nearly 19 thousand inIndia. We made it possible by strict dedication and serious blogging. With a little bit of creativity and hard work, you can reach among the top sites. After analyzing what we have done in the past month, I could tell you some tips to improve your Alexa ranking.

Write unique stuff

When I started blogging, I used to imitate some professional bloggers and I even wandered through some unimportant blogs for content. Now, I understand that being myself is the best idea to increase your blog traffic. It is really a pleasure for me to get comments on my blogs. It was only then I started writing unique content that visitors begin to comment. I changed my business point of view of blogging and began writing for visitors and then, search engines. And now, I can blog wild and open.



Blog more often

Earlier, I used to post 3 posts per week. Today, I’ m spending a good percentage of time in blogging. I will have to agree that I’m not a professional blogger; but people now began to comment on my blogs, which is a great pleasure for me. Currently I post 8-12 blogs per week. It is sometimes exhausting and I am unable to watch my favorite TV shows. I gradually saw my blog growing along with my Alexa ranking. So, what I really mean to tell you is, don’t worry about statistics; worry about your writing quality. I’m getting results. Just improve your blog and love blogging; you will win!!


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