Blogging Tools

Blogging is one among the powerful marketing tools. We have already discussed in previous posts about the importance of blogging, right selection of keywords etc. If your posts contain related keywords, definitely your blog can go along with search engines.

There are many tools that provides you with related keywords and ideas for possible blog topics. The easiest place to start is on the Google homepage itself. You may simply start by searching for a phrase that you’d like to blog inorder to rank high on search engines. After searching, click on “ More Search Tools” in the left column and then, “Related searches”. Also Google will return a list of related searches for the keyword or phrase.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is another place to get the right topic for your blog posts. Moreover A search on this will give you a list of search terms or keywords, which will help you in knowing how often the term is searched. Also, you can see the competition level of any particular keyword or phrase.

Wordtracker’s Keyword Question

Wordtracker’s Keyword Question is a powerful tool designed to search for appropriate content. If you enter a keyword, it returns a list of questions asked by search engine users that include the keyword. Entering the term “Home” into Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions, it brings up a list of possible topics like “How do I calculate the value of my home”, “Do it yourself home remodeling” etc. When it comes to blog writing, just think outside the box.

Apart from these questions, Wordtracker Keyword also offers search results based on keyword connections, random trigger words and top searched keywords. Also These results can provide you with best blog posting ideas and topics which you may not have considered.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful program for analyzing the incoming traffic to your blog. This can also provide better ideas for blog posts. And you can blog on popular topics that can bring more traffic to your website. If you could discover a topic or keyword that gets terrific traffic, use some brainstorming techniques to use that topic into your blog post.


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