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Staying active in SEO.?

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      SEO or Search Engine Optimization, deals mostly with fresh and updated content.They say ‘Content is King’. But, I have also heard lately, ‘Content is King, but Context is God !’.Well here are ways to actually staying active in SEO: Being socially active on the web. Keep

What should a good SEO be.?

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  Long back, SEO just meant altering the website’s meta tags, optimizing content and HTML headings, creating robots.txt file and generating the sitemap. But , now it has come to a whole new level from there…. …and this is the year 2016. Now a good SEO Analyst, in now

6 Better ways to improve Alexa Ranking!

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Page rank is really important for any blog/website. Alexa Ranking is one of the most popular SEO tool for bloggers. Each blogger wants to increase Alexa Traffic Rank, including me. Why it is so important? Because it is one of the most accurate and freely available tools to find

301 redirect

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404 page not found – you may have seen this message several times while online. On seeing this message, you suddenly leave the page. Sometimes on typing the URL of an already existed site, you find it is no longer there. These are potential problems that one should consider with

What’s the best SEO software?

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Everyone starting a business aims to rank a top position in Google, Yahoo and bing search results. A good search engine optimization (SEO) product will dramatically increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. The right SEO software will measurably increase sales and grow your business. It’ll

SEO Hosting Provider

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the major tool for online business today. Many web hosting as well as website development companies in India are offering SEO services. The major step towards SEO is finding out a good web hosting company. The wellness of a website depends on the

Short Tail and Long Tail- A Comparison

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Have you heard of Long Tail and Short Tail? Perhaps you might have heard of it, right? Anyway, I can explain both with some examples.Short Tail: a small phrase, less than or equal to 3 wordsE.g.: website development company Long Tail: keyword phrase with more than 3 words E.g.:

How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Do you know that even your website design can affect SEO? Website designed by professionals can improve page ranks in search engines. Every website designer should be aware of some design aspects that affects SEO. Whether it is a static website or dynamic website, inorder to achieve the fruitful

Local SEO Opportunity for Your Local Business

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    Local SEO is easy to achieve.SEO has proven itself to be a cost effective way to drive customers to shops and businesses. Still, some business people ignore SEO sticking on to the same old marketing strategies. I am writing this article in order to lessen some of

Why should I study Internet Marketing?

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Compared to the past 2 decades, the number of web surfers has increased manifold times. So, it has become unavoidable for all businesses to make their online presence. Almost all businesses are rushing to build up a strong online brand for their business. So, internet marketing helps businesses in

Is Alexa Rank Important?

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Many marketers and SEO experts use to say that Alexa is just important for website advertising and it serves no use for its evaluation. I have read many articles saying the same. Still, you can see many articles or discussion forums speaking the importance of having better Alexa ranking

SEO or PPC which is the best??

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Which Form of Marketing is More Effective- SEO or PPC? This is a question that online marketers have to decide for their business success. You may be familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. By doing SEO, search engines like Google will find your website through relevant keyword searches.

Ways to improve your Google ranking

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You might have heard about the recent algorithm changes made by Google known as Panda. So, there are certain things to be done right now, in order to improve your search rankings on the web. With keeping the recent changes in Google Panda, these are certain tips to improve

Tools For Search Engine Optimization

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In my previous blogs, I have gone through some basic SEO tips and also steps to be followed while hiring a SEO company. We know that Search Engines are essential for your website getting noticed. It is really a great challenge to optimize your website if you don’t have the necessary