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Local SEO Opportunity for Your Local Business

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Local SEO is easy to achieve.SEO has proven itself to be a cost effective way to drive customers to shops and businesses. Still, some business people ignore SEO sticking on to the same old marketing strategies. I am writing this article in order to lessen some of the misunderstandings they have on SEO. Many local businesses think that SEO is only meant to promote the brand of big corporate companies.Actually, on a local view point of your business, local SEO results are much faster compared to global. There is less competition in suburbs and your neighborhood. This means that it is easier and reliable to achieve your goals in short span of time.Keyword Selection
The stepping stone of SEO is getting the right keywords. Research the right keywords that can describe your product or service. Add you local extension also to the key words.e.g. “website development” => “website development Kottayam
”Also, discover your local search terms, which are easier to rank on. Try to get the search terms that are more often used by your potential customers.


Website Optimizing
Once you are ready with your keywords, you can do your on page SEO. If you are not familiar with on page SEO, I can list a few ways to do this. This will help a lot in increasing your local exposure.

  • Your target terms should be featured in the “Contact Us” page.
  • Place the target terms on website footer.
  • Title Tags should contain all the local terms.
  • Create pages that focus on specific areas including your experience.

Link Building
The success of any SEO campaign depends on link building. It is considered as the root of SEO. Local SEO provides some extra doors to link building.

Local Directories
Make sure that your business is found in the relevant listing of all your local directories.

Regional communities
Get your business listed in all local and regional communities’ websites that feature local business. This delivers a strong link to your business.

Business Review Sites
Inorder to focus on local SEO, listing your business in any of the Business review site available that are relevant to your industry.

Other way for local SEO is expanding the search profile of your business. The following two strategies help in this:

Google Places

If your business is having a Google Place listing, this will enhance your local SEO. Include your keywords in your business description.

Social Media
All businesses are having their own social media strategy. Consider local SEO while conducting your social media campaign.

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