social business

Do you know which is the integral part of social business and effective use of social technology? It is Engagement. More than impression and exposure, social business points towards collaboration. All your audience is engaged in collaborative activities like sharing thoughts or ideas. But, this can never be positive always- one can share his concern about you based on a particular incident (can be positive or negative).

So, when people share such ideas which are simply based on the way your service or offers have affected them, true facts or your real brand may lie above or below their views. Actually this matters less than the collaborative activities by your audience. Since people and stakeholders are becoming more engaged through creating and collaborating, they are closer to the steps.

Positive results are always gradual. So, wait and be more personal towards audience. It is the way in which you deal with negative issues that really matters, as it exhibits your real character. Do whatever your customer is expecting from you. Intense engagement of audience takes them to a level of advocacy. They will share positive thoughts and experiences with you. This can generate more trust in you before the public.

Towards the end of engagement process, your audience and stakeholders get connected with your brand. This connection can generate benefits to your company, in terms of brand as well as finance.

So, we can conclude that:

Operations+ Marketing+ Customer Engagement= Social Business          

That is, the main basics of social marketing are collaboration, operations and marketing. But, the true fact about social media is laying above all these concepts. It is up to you and the way you handle your audience and business. Work hard, and success will be yours!!


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