SEO Rules

Do you know what the basic SEO rules you need to consider while launching a new website are? If your business needs to be profitable in the online business, you need to enhance your website using Search Engine Optimization. To enhance the visibility of your website we use Search Engine Optimization and this improves the rankings at different and well-liked search engines. Now let us see 5 basic SEO rules that you need to consider while launching a new website.

SEO Rule 1

Make sure that all the pages in your website contain proper Title Tag with relevant title in it. Also make sure the given title suits to the page content. Make sure that all pages don’t contain similar or identical Titles. In short, do not try to re-use your Title tag on different pages on your website. Many times a website designer does not even realize this. it is because they’re more anxious and nervous with only the visual presentation of the website instead of the search engine viewpoint. Similar title tag on all pages of the website cannot facilitate your website anymore.

SEO Rule 2Basic SEO Rules you need to consider while launching a new Website11

It is required to begin marketing your website with excellent keywords or good search terms interrelated or associated to your website page contents, theme and topics. So you should engage yourself in the work of keyword research. Now-a- days we’ve lots of online tools out there that make you feel easy to do your analysis for finding relevant keywords to your website.

Google AdWords is an accurate and precisely obtainable platform  that are being accepted among most of the prevailing web masters and existing search engine optimizers for your website keyword research.

SEO Rule 3

Start using keywords even in images used on your website. many of us add keywords concerning the images instead of adding text related to the website content. Add only keywords that are definite to that image and even don’t try to use lots more, otherwise search engines will judge it as spam. Actually Designers may think that it’ll destroy the creative nature of the design but in fact consider a good and great design if no one could find it through any of search engines.

SEO Rule 4

Search Engines while visiting your website, starts indexing your website content but usually it starts indexing parts of your web content that you not prefer to be indexed. To possess a control over this there’s a requirement but not necessary to have robots.txt file. Before launching your website, be aware of the robots.txt file and you must check your robots.txt file along with your other website pages. Also have a counter check to make certain that robots.txt file is in the root folder of your domain because crawlers don’t look for the entire website for a single file with name robots.txt.

SEO Rule 5Basic SEO Rules you need to consider while launching a new Website12

You may find adding a HTML sitemap page more helpful for most of the search engines as they link directly to other web pages and also to examine out the links to rest of the web pages on your website. You need to provide an HTML version of your sitemap before you launch the website. It helps spiders of search engines to access all the pages of your website properly without any barrier.


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