Maintaining The Right Balance Between UX and SEO

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Wondering why your beautifully designed website isn’t bringing any organic traffic? The reason is obvious – There are no on-page or off-page signals indicating to search engines that this website deserves a spot in the top positions of the SERPs.

This usually happens when website owners or the web designers are not aware of search engine optimization or methods to rank for crucial keywords.

On the other side, you see too many websites that are optimized, a little too much. Scattered with money keywords throughout the website, irrelevant hyperlinks, large amount of meaningless texts and nothing that makes sense to a user. Read More

Is Google Possum giving you a hard time?

Google Possum

When you think of SEO, you will realize that the game of optimization is no more a child’s play. The new Google Possum has taken a drive on how a particular phrase or word needs to be spotted out in local search rankings.
Well, the crux of the Possum is that it seems to linger upon local searches only. If you are looking only for names about a company, then this problem probably would not arise. Read More

Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps is the first front-end framework created for developing fully responsive web applications. This is developed to help individuals and companies to build well design user friendly future web apps.  The framework is built around Angular JS and the Flexbox grid framework. These frameworks enable quick and simple responsive web application creation facilitating developers to suddenly and easily start writing code that is unique to the proposed application.

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Google – Mobile Friendly Update

Google – Mobile Friendly Update

It has completely released the second edition of the mobile-friendly upgrade nowadays. Google Search engine Webmaster David Mueller declared it on Tweets, saying, “The mobile changes described here are now completely released.”

And Google provided us a heads-up in Goal that they are intending to improve the mobile-friendly criteria in May. And clearly, that has completed moving out nowadays.

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Rank Brain: A New Algorithm of Google

Rank Brain

Now Google uses a machine learning artificial intelligence known as Rank Brain which is to help to sort through its search results. The main information regarding the rank brain system is that; it is a machine artificial intelligence system which is used to help to process its search results. Read More