Client Meetings

You should have to keep in mind certain tips, while attending a meeting with your clients. Of these the most important one is listening to your clients. By having a good listening skill you can have a good relationship with your clients. A strong company will have a good customer relationship. But to maintain this you should have a good listening skill. Now let us see some of the tips for better listening in client meetings.

  1. Take notes

    – Don’t rely on your memory because human memories are notoriously unreliable for storing and recalling data when we want them to. Take notes to make sure you remember and understand the most important points from your meeting. You can use colors 6 Tips for better listening in client meetings.jpg11and pictures, to make it clearer and simpler. This helps you to have a better client relation.

  2. Use your entire body

    – Engaging your body and all of your senses are a neat trick to make more solid recollections or enhance your understanding. Muscle memory comes into role more than we realize when we attempt to remember things, and this could work in your favor during a meeting if you’re conscious of it. When the meeting starts, you have to watch carefully to the body language of your clients, and listen to their tone and inflection.

  3. Clarify everything-

    The more you understand something, the more easily you’ll be able to bring it to mind later and integrate it where applicable. Ask questions about any concept or idea you’re struggling to know or define, so that you’ll make it clear in your own mind. When you can, repeat abstract or new ideas back to your client to make sure that you understood properly.

  4. Make connections-

    If you’re working with abstract ideas or vague ideas, try to connect them to the project in some way, so both you and your consumer will see how they fit in. Connections between ideas and elements create the separate pieces stronger in our minds. As your meeting progresses, make connections to previous points created or topics covered can extremely improve the flow of the meeting.6 Tips for better listening in client meetings

  5. Focus-

    Perhaps one of the most necessary ways to pay attention better is to simply cut out distractions and concentrate on your consumer. Be aware of your own area of focus and recognize when it’s drifting. Listen to your consumer and their desires, and practice pulling yourself back into the current moment when your thoughts wander off without you.

  6. Prepare-

    Make sure you’ve done your homework before you enter the meeting. If you wish to research ideas or put together ideas, do it early so that you’re totally prepared when your consumer arrives. Ensure that you have what you wish for the meeting. Prepare your tools, your notebook if required or concept sketches to indicate your consumer. Prepare the space if you’re meeting on your own turf, and ensure snacks or drinks are organized earlier.


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